Deadpool and a Most Meta Trilogy Part II

Yesterday, we explored Deadpool’s destruction of the Myth of Redemptive Violence and thus the very foundation for most comic conflicts and their resolutions.  But the Sassin’ Assassin is far from finished.  It’s time to embark on a Postmodern literary criticism like no other as Deadpool faces off against the literal (and literary) inspiration for comic book superheroes and villains!  He also tackles the very notion of originality, forcing the (again, very postmodern) question of whether or not original ideas can exist.  Cullen Bunn and Mateo Lolli helm this next level of Meta Madness in Deadpool: Killustrated, the second graphic novel in Bunn’s Deadpool Killology.  As with yesterday’s post, there’s no major plot spoilers here, just a discussion of the book’s themes and philosophy. Continue reading