A Bromance Unafraid of Going Deeper

First, no.  I know this post is partially about Deadpool but I’m not talking about going deeper in that way.  So let’s all be adults and move on alright?  It’ll only make things harder if we can’t let it go.  I’m talking about emotional depth here people!  Second, I’ve been avoiding Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness’ brilliant new series Spider-Man/Deadpool  since it was released.  Yes, it stars my favorite character of all time alongside the one who’s ended up symbolizing my return to the world of comics.  Yes, it’s getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike.  And yes, comic shops can’t keep it on the shelves.  But, as I wrote last week, I’ve been trying to avoid Peter Parker’s world since I’ve come back home to Marvel Comics.  Alas…I had to try it.  And now I’m ashamed I waited so long! Continue reading