Why Am I Blogging?

So why this blog? That’s a valid question. I’ve asked myself that too. I’m a teacher and an extroverted guy by nature so it’s not like I’m ever at a want for a good discussion. I do enjoy writing but I doubt that alone would have ever lead to the birth of this little endeavor. So I guess this is the intersection of several passions. You see, I’ve loved comic books and superheroes for as long as I can remember. I loved Spider-Man long before IĀ could read the comics myself and some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are of sitting on the couch, captivated by the amazing illustrations of Spider-Man’s latest

Comic Books 1

‘Web of Spider-Man’ #12 is the first comic I remember Mom reading to me

adventure, as Mom read me the comic we just picked up at the grocery store. As I grew up, I never lost the passion. I stopped collecting comics around sixteen (when a comic budget had to turn into gas money) but the characters stayed in my heart. I never stopped reading articles about superheroes, being aware of what was happening to the characters who filled so much of my youth. I’ve come to appreciate them in an academic sense too, deconstructing the stories and discovering the intelligent and varied layers to these modern myths. I watched them on my TV and, eventually, in movies that finally seemed to capture the excitement I remember feeling when I’d open a comic as a kid. Recently, this has lead me back to Books Galore, my local comic store. Hey, I’m an adult with a job now! I can budget money for gas and comic books. Yay!

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