Top Five Wednesday – Books I’ve Come to Feel Differently About

Top Five LogoAh yes, Wednesday…the calendars have turned over once again to this magical day.  The world is treated once more to the latest in literary engaging prompts from the lovely people running the T5W group over at Goodreads.  Yay!  These always end up prompting faaar more deep reflection then I expect once I actually sit down to write them.  Because of that, they’ve become some of my favorite posts.  The idea this week was to highlight five books that I feel differently about after I’ve had time to think about them or reread them.  After several days of thinking, talking it out, and starring at my bookshelves, here’s what finally made the cut!  This may have ended up being my most eclectic Top Five Wednesday yet… Continue reading

Top Five Wednesday – Outside the ol’ Comfort Zone

Top Five LogoThe first Top Five Wednesday prompt the Goodreads group assigned for July was to pick five books you love that are outside of your comfort zone.  For example, if you like fiction try to pick something nonfiction that you enjoyed.  I struggled with this one since I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres.  I think that’s half the fun of reading!  There’s so much to choose from!  Obviously, I love comic books and my home book shelves are filled with novels.  But I also regularly read memoirs, biographies, theology, philosophy, history, sacred scripture from various traditions, and even have a passion for a small selection of poets.  So finding books from a genre I don’t normally read was a bit of a challenge, but here’s what made the list! Continue reading