Miles + Gwen = One CLASSIC Team-Up!

For Lent this year I’ve given up making sassy/snarky comments while driving.  I’m a pretty positive guy…but I can be an impatient driver.  Now, when I feel I’m about to say something in that vein, I offer a prayer for the other driver instead.  It’s a prayerful effort to cultivate loving-kindness in my own thoughts and deeds and put more positive energy out into the world.  In that spirit, I can be cranky about needless crossovers (*cough* Civil War II *cough*) so I wanted to write about the recent six-part “Sitting In A Tree” crossover between Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen.  I really enjoyed it!  In addition to showcasing two amazing spider-people, it reminded me how much fun a good, old fashioned team-up can be.  For all my complaining (which I stand behind!) about crossovers forged in the service of Mammon, I’m giving a little love to one that was worth the cover price of admission. Continue reading

First Impressions: The X-Men

Of course I saw Logan over the weekend.  But I don’t want to write about it.  I can’t yet.  I need time to sit with the film, to let it move through my heart and mind until I reach the place where I feel I can write about it in a way that honors the experience.  However, I still have Wolverine and the X-Men on my mind.  So I’ve decided to take a little trip down Memory Lane and revisit the very first X-Men comic I ever read.  Ahh…the early 1990’s.  What a great time to meet Wolverine, Cyclops, and everyone else! Continue reading

Star Wars, Dark Empire, and the Expanded Universe

For a lifelong fan of comic books and a lover of Star Wars what I’m about to say surprises even me.  I just finished reading the Dark Empire miniseries for the first time.  For real.  How has it taken me so long to read this?!?  I can absolutely see why this is considered such a classic!  With all this excitement running through my being I thought it would be an excellent time to engage in an EPIC lightsaber duel.  However, given the fact that my lightsabers are all the way downstairs and I’m lacking an opponent at the moment, I figured I’d talk about Star Wars, comics, canon, and the Expanded Universe instead. Continue reading

What scares us? My First Fright – Ghostbusters II

There’s no post on My Comic Relief today because I’ve written a piece for Just Dread-Full’s fun new series – What Scares Us? My First Fright.  The series explores early memories of being scared and looks into what we’re afraid of.  For me there’s no scarier memory than going to see Ghostbusters II in 1989 when I was just six years old.  IT TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT!  Frightful reflections aside, I really had a lot of fun writing this piece and, given  the fact that the new Ghostbusters comes out this week AND I’ve done a lot of writing about the Ghostbusters on this site, it seemed timely to contribute this piece for Kalie.  So if you’re interested in taking a fun little trip down memory lane with me and seeing what left little six year old Michael shaking in his seat, please click here.  You’ll also get to read about how I made Mom take us out of the theatre and how I’ve unexpectedly come to enjoy this film as an adult (although it took me over twenty-five years to watch it again).