Doctor Who Edition: The Great Fandom Swap!

with Nancy of Graphic Novelty2

Michael from My Comic Relief and I have been good friends for years now, as we both started blogging within a few months of each other and discovered each other’s blogs early on. I even had the pleasure of meeting him during a family vacation, as my family and I arranged to meet up for lunch with him and Kalie, who writes Just Dread-Full. For awhile we have good-naturedly pushed the other to start watching our favorite fandoms – which for Michael is Doctor Who and for me Star Trek, specifically The Next Generation. What is amazing about both our series is that they both began in the 1960s, had a few speedbumps to overcome, but then were re-tooled for the better in recent years. So we both choose eight episodes to best represent our favorite fandom and had the other watch them, after giving each other some introductory comments.

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Star Trek Edition: The Great Fandom Swap!

with Nancy of Graphic Novelty2

Friendship is wonderful, isn’t it?  It can lead you to do all sorts of things you’d never do on your own.  I’d start listing examples but, c’mon, then we’d be off on a tangent (a beautiful, nourishing, and entertaining tangent to be sure!) which could fill pages.  Let’s cut to the chase!  My friendship with Nancy of Graphic Novelty2 – my oldest, longest, and dearest blogging friend – has led to an historic first.  I, Michael John Miller, author and operator of the blog My Comic Relief, am writing about Star Trek for the very first time.  You see, Nancy loves Star Trek and I’d never seen a single episode of Star Trek (only the JJ Abrams films).  I love Doctor Who and Nancy had only seen a few episodes in passing.  So, in the name of friendship, AMAZING THINGS, and blog content, we did our first ever Fandom Swap!  Eagerly sharing what we love with the other, Nancy chose eight episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (her favorite iteration of the show) for me to watch and I gave Nancy eight episodes of Doctor Who

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Blogger Recognition Award!

It was a lovely surprise last week when I looked at my WordPress notifications and saw Nancy and Kathleen, the brilliant stewards of Graphic Novelty², had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Aww, thank you ladies!  Nancy and Kathleen have become kindred spirits and – from their explorations of graphic novels to their pop culture musings to their legitimately making me wish I worked in a library – I always enjoy the time I spend on their site.  I also appreciate the conversations we’ve had across mediums.  They’ve great content but they’re also genuinely nice people.  So thank you for sharing the love! Continue reading

Squirrel Girl’s Subversive Genius

Aaaahh!  This is it!  This is my 100th post on My Comic Relief.  Yay!!!  To mark such an important occasion, I want to take a look at the one comic book that’s become truly indispensible to me.  If, for some reason, I could only read one comic book a month, Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl would be it.  There’s no contest.  No other comic is more enjoyable or more important to me.  I could think of no better way to celebrate hitting 100 posts than by celebrating why I love this brilliant comic so much. Continue reading

Mystery Blogger Award!

As I count down to my 100th post, I’m honored that I get to include this special recognition!  The Bradscribe himself – Mr. ML Bradford – has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award!  I’m always extremely humbled by these awards because they are passed along through the blogging community by the blogging community.  Bradscribe is a wonderfully fun, supportive, and engaging blogger who was also my very first follower!  So I’d like to send a BIG “Thank You!” to the man, the myth, the Bradscribe and encourage everyone else to follow/regularly read his work (if you don’t already).  You’ll find a fun mix of movie reviews, comic flashbacks, and some incredibly fun/funny fiction too, all written with his distinct voice. Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award!

4therace (a truly brilliant blog about cinema, filled with insightful analysis and commentary) was nice enough to nominate me for this award about a month and a half ago.  What took me so long to do this post??  Well, wait until you see the third question he asked me to answer…  But I’ve finally committed to my answers so I’m finally ready to do this post!  However, last week Green Onion (the most fun one stop shop for reviews on literature of all sorts you’re likely to find on the interweb) was kind enough to nominate me as well.  So this means you get my responses to a double-dose of questions about films, blogging, and book-to-movie adaptations!  Huzzah! Continue reading

Why Am I Blogging?

So why this blog? That’s a valid question. I’ve asked myself that too. I’m a teacher and an extroverted guy by nature so it’s not like I’m ever at a want for a good discussion. I do enjoy writing but I doubt that alone would have ever lead to the birth of this little endeavor. So I guess this is the intersection of several passions. You see, I’ve loved comic books and superheroes for as long as I can remember. I loved Spider-Man long before I could read the comics myself and some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are of sitting on the couch, captivated by the amazing illustrations of Spider-Man’s latest

Comic Books 1

‘Web of Spider-Man’ #12 is the first comic I remember Mom reading to me

adventure, as Mom read me the comic we just picked up at the grocery store. As I grew up, I never lost the passion. I stopped collecting comics around sixteen (when a comic budget had to turn into gas money) but the characters stayed in my heart. I never stopped reading articles about superheroes, being aware of what was happening to the characters who filled so much of my youth. I’ve come to appreciate them in an academic sense too, deconstructing the stories and discovering the intelligent and varied layers to these modern myths. I watched them on my TV and, eventually, in movies that finally seemed to capture the excitement I remember feeling when I’d open a comic as a kid. Recently, this has lead me back to Books Galore, my local comic store. Hey, I’m an adult with a job now! I can budget money for gas and comic books. Yay!

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