Blogger Recognition Award!

It was a lovely surprise last week when I looked at my WordPress notifications and saw Nancy and Kathleen, the brilliant stewards of Graphic Novelty¬≤, had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Aww, thank you ladies!  Nancy and Kathleen have become kindred spirits and – from their explorations of graphic novels to their pop culture musings to their legitimately making me wish I worked in a library – I always enjoy the time I spend on their site.  I also appreciate the conversations we’ve had across mediums.  They’ve great content but they’re also genuinely nice people.  So thank you for sharing the love! Continue reading

Mystery Blogger Award!

As I count down to my 100th post, I’m honored that I get to include this special recognition!  The Bradscribe himself – Mr. ML Bradford – has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award!  I’m always extremely humbled by these awards because they are passed along through the blogging community by the blogging community.  Bradscribe is a wonderfully fun, supportive, and engaging blogger who was also my very first follower!  So I’d like to send a BIG “Thank You!” to the man, the myth, the Bradscribe and encourage everyone else to follow/regularly read his work (if you don’t already).  You’ll find a fun mix of movie reviews, comic flashbacks, and some incredibly fun/funny fiction too, all written with his distinct voice. Continue reading