Doctor Who Décor: Lovin’ Life With My Wall of Doctor Who Art

When it comes to decorating, I’m not one for empty spaces.  I tend to see a blank wall as a challenge or an invitation.  While I’ve traded thumb tacks and tape rolls for frames hung on nails, very little has changed about how I use the wall space in my house from when I was a kid whose bedroom walls held posters, drawings, and pictures torn from magazines of Sesame Street, He-Man, the Ghostbusters, Garfield, and (of course) Spider-Man.  Over the last few years the two always rotating movie posters which hung behind my couch have given way to a wall of Doctor Who art – almost exclusively quote prints featuring favorite lines from the show.  I’ve wanted to write about this for over a year, ever since I saw Mei-Mei’s post “Star Wars at home,” on her lovely site Jedi By Knight.  I’m finally writing it now as we’re in the waning days of May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.  The theme Mental Health America chose for this year was “Look Around, Look Within” and the challenge was to consider how our environment – from our neighborhoods, homes, workplaces, and genetics – affect our mental health.  This felt like the perfect time to write about the Doctor!  

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How to Build a TARDIS: A DIY Project When Dad Does Everything

Let’s not bury the lead here.  Having my own TARDIS is fantastic!  Modelled on the TARDIS used by the Ninth and Tenth Doctor (as far as the size and TARDIS exterior goes), it stands 8’ tall (without the lamp, more on that below) and it’s 48 ¼” wide at the base.  I’d say having my own TARDIS is every bit as exciting as I thought it would be except I never could have imagined loving it this much.  I mean, I have a TARDIS.  I.  Have.  A.  TARDIS!  I have a TARDIS!  How could I ever prepare for this sort of excitement??  The TARIDS was completed on Christmas Day (poeticly perfect timing) and we moved it into my classroom over Christmas break.  However, I’ve waited until now to tell this story as this is my 500th post on My Comic Relief which warranted a special piece.  And what could be more special than having a TARDIS?!!?

Nearly seven years, 500 posts, and 1,258,447 words have led to this – the story of my TARDIS.   

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Why Black Widow is the Best Marvel Movie of All-Time

As soon as I saw Black Widow last summer I felt this thought wiggling around in my brain.  Is it…?  Could it be…?  Is…is Black Widow now my favorite Marvel movie?!  Because I’m me, I certainly couldn’t say definitively.  First, I’m not the type of person who can throw a term like “favorite” around lightly.  To say I like or love something is one thing.  But to say it’s “my favorite” or “the best” or “the greatest” of all-time?  That requires a lot of thoughtful discernment for me.  Second, there’s this odd reaction/habit within our culture, especially within our fandom cultures, where whatever is newest is automatically the best.  It’s new!  It’s shiny!  It’s the best ever!!!  So, while that’s never been me, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t having that sort of reaction when I first saw Black Widow on July 8th.  I said I loved it.  I said it was easily one of the best films the MCU has to offer.  And I said it may be my all-time favorite movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Still, I needed time before I could say that with any certainty.  Now I know.  Black Widow is the best Marvel movie of all-time!  And here’s why…

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