New American Resistance – 14 March

Our health care is under attack.  Yes, the ACA is far from perfect.  But to repeal it and hastily replace it with the AHCA is dangerous.  People will lose coverage.  People won’t be able to afford treatment/medication.  People will die as a result of this action.  I am not being hyperbolic nor am I being histrionic.  This is the fact of the matter.  The GOP wants so badly to roll back everything that Obama accomplished they are willing to literally play with people’s lives.  WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN.  So we must unite.  We must cry out.  We must let our voices be heard.  This weekly series aims to a) help us stay informed on the events unfolding in America and b) urge readers to add their voice to the chorus calling out for justice.  We must be aware.  We must be vocal.  We must be active.  We must be loving.  This is how we will triumph and how we will transform our lives, our nation, and our world. Continue reading