Woody Allen Wednesdays! – Melinda and Melinda

So it’s been a loooong time since we’ve had a new Woody Allen Wednesday! post.  As I’ve lamented once or twice before, the school year can get busy so coordination can be tricky.  But that’s in the past!  With the freedom of summer vacation Andrew and I have joined forces once more for another dual deconstruction of one of Woody Allen’s modern masterpieces.  (Granted, knowing today was Wednesday for sure was tough with it being summer but Andrew helped me.)  This time, because we’re so efficient, we’re covering Woody Allen’s talent for drama and comedy simultaneously with 2004’s Melinda and Melinda. Continue reading


Woody Allen Wednesdays! – Match Point

Match Point was the very first Woody Allen film I ever saw.  Of course I’d heard of Woody Allen before but I hadn’t see any of his films.  I had started making a concerted effort in high school and college to watch some “classic” cinema yet there are so many films and, as always, so little time.  However, in the spring of 2006, my friend Lauren suggested we catch Match Point while it was still playing at our local discount theatre (siiiiiigh…how I miss you Dollar Theatre).  I agreed and my life would never be the same – a cinematic obsession was born. Continue reading

Woody Allen Wednesdays! – Hannah and Her Sisters

Woody Allen’s films have always been something special I share with Mom.  He’s a brilliant filmmaker but certainly not universally beloved.  While he’s put out a new film nearly every year for over fifty years, they aren’t all hits. His success and cultural relevance come and go but his artistic vision remains constant as he makes what he wants to make, regardless of the fanfare that comes with it.  But Mom and I adore them all, always trying to catch his latest film in the theatre and we’ve enjoyed countless hours watching his body of work together on DVD.  Given all this, I  was quite excited to learn over a lovely conversation on Twitter that Andrew shares this passion!  The excitement grew when he suggested we write simultaneous posts spotlighting one of his films.  And our “Woody Allen Wednesdays” were born.  Huzzah!  For the first, we’re looking at 1986’s Hannah and Her Sisters. Continue reading