Best Picture 2018 – MY Nominees

In honor of Oscar weekend, a few days ago I posted a piece about the nine films nominated for Best Picture 2018.  I’ve seen them all this year (woo!) and offered my thoughts on each film, leading to my prediction of the winner as well as my favorite film and the one I want to win Best Picture.  Today I’m looking back at the movies I personally saw at the theatres last year – presented in the order I saw them (with multiple viewing dates when appropriate) – and offering up my Best Picture nominees.  If I was in charge of the Academy Awards, who would get the Best Picture trophy?  And how does my list match up to Oscar’s?  Well, let’s take a look and find out! Continue reading

Best Picture 2018 – The Oscar Nominees

Well, this was a year I did it.  I managed to see all nine films nominated for “Best Picture” at this year’s Academy Awards!  I thought it might be fun, as it’s Oscar Week and all, to do a little post with my thoughts on each of the nine Best Picture nominees.  Below you’ll find a little paragraph about each film, written in the order I saw them, all leading up to the film I think should win the Oscar for Best Picture this year.  What’s my choice??  Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award!

It was a lovely surprise last week when I looked at my WordPress notifications and saw Nancy and Kathleen, the brilliant stewards of Graphic Novelty², had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Aww, thank you ladies!  Nancy and Kathleen have become kindred spirits and – from their explorations of graphic novels to their pop culture musings to their legitimately making me wish I worked in a library – I always enjoy the time I spend on their site.  I also appreciate the conversations we’ve had across mediums.  They’ve great content but they’re also genuinely nice people.  So thank you for sharing the love! Continue reading

Mystery Blogger Award!

As I count down to my 100th post, I’m honored that I get to include this special recognition!  The Bradscribe himself – Mr. ML Bradford – has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award!  I’m always extremely humbled by these awards because they are passed along through the blogging community by the blogging community.  Bradscribe is a wonderfully fun, supportive, and engaging blogger who was also my very first follower!  So I’d like to send a BIG “Thank You!” to the man, the myth, the Bradscribe and encourage everyone else to follow/regularly read his work (if you don’t already).  You’ll find a fun mix of movie reviews, comic flashbacks, and some incredibly fun/funny fiction too, all written with his distinct voice. Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award!

4therace (a truly brilliant blog about cinema, filled with insightful analysis and commentary) was nice enough to nominate me for this award about a month and a half ago.  What took me so long to do this post??  Well, wait until you see the third question he asked me to answer…  But I’ve finally committed to my answers so I’m finally ready to do this post!  However, last week Green Onion (the most fun one stop shop for reviews on literature of all sorts you’re likely to find on the interweb) was kind enough to nominate me as well.  So this means you get my responses to a double-dose of questions about films, blogging, and book-to-movie adaptations!  Huzzah! Continue reading

Versatile Blog Award!

A few weeks ago, Green Onion nominated me for this award.  However, it’s taken me so long to put this post up for two reasons.  First, I was being thoughtful about who I wanted to pass this along to.  Second, right after his nomination I got waaaaay into reading, writing, and talking about Ghostbusters (as you can see here, here, here, and here) and when that dust settled, I’d forgotten I never did this post!  But I always feel special when nominated/tagged and I enjoy the fun of passing these awards/tags along so here we are.  Thank you Green Onion for sharing the love!  Now let’s get down to business. Continue reading

Return of the Liebster Award

It was a great honor when I found out that Danica from thelittlegirlaround had nominated me for a Liebster Award!  The greatest thing, by far, I’ve encountered since joining the blogging community is how close a group it is, and how supportive everyone is of each other’s work.  The Liebster Award is a wonderful example of that sentiment.  I didn’t know if I could accept this again, having been nominated before.  But Google assured me it’s fine.  ALSO, it lets me continue to share the love with other new blogs I’ve recently become addicted to.  Yay! Continue reading

The Reading Habits Tag

I want to start this post by thanking Rachel, over at Journal Of A Bibliophile, for tagging me in this.  I’ve never officially done one of these reading tags before so I’m excited to give it a go.  So, that being said, let’s take a look at my reading habits shall we? Continue reading

My Comic Relief has been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Being relatively new to the world of blogging, I can say with the utmost honesty that I’ve really been enjoying myself.  I’ve always loved to write and I’ve certainly always loved talking about comic books.  So putting the posts for My Comic Relief together is a lot of fun.  It’s been a rewarding activity too.  However, I certainly wasn’t ready for the surprise and honor of having found out I’d been nominated for a Liebster Award! Continue reading