Me 11Hello Internet, you’ve clicked the “About” link so I’m guessing you’d like to know a little something about me.  My name’s Michael J. Miller and I’m the author and operator of this little comic book writing venture.  I’ve been teaching courses on religion and popular culture for over ten years and I have a BA in Religious Studies from Mercyhurst College and my MA in Pastoral Studies with a concentration in Religious Education from Gannon University.

More to the matter at hand (although my academic bent will inform a lot of my writing here) I’ve loved comic books and superheroes for as long as I can remember.  I had a stack of comic books at home before I could even read them myself.  So I plan on pledging this blog to that passion.  I’ll be exploring all manner of comic related issues here – comic books, movie adaptations, reviews, academic deconstructions, personal reflections, and so on.  Other things will show up as well – memoir-y pieces, lots of Doctor Who, reflections on film and TV, a li’l Star Wars now and again, and a splash of literature.  Life is long and my mind is tangential.  Nothing’s off limits here.

Please feel free to contact me either by email or in the comment sections on any of the posts if you’re so inclined.  I’m always excited to hear other people’s thoughts on the things I love and to revel in the joy of shared passions.   If social media is your thing, you can find me on Twitter @My_ComicRelief.

If you find you really enjoy my writing (Yay!) then you may like to know I’m the author of The Heart of a Superhero: Considering the Prophetic Dimension of Modern Superhero Comics, an upcoming volume in Claremont Press’ Religion & Comics Series.   I’ve also written for the Star Wars blog The Imperial Talker, the horror blog Just Dread-Full, as well as several other wonderful sites including Graphic Novelty2, Pages Unbound, Reads & Reels, and My Side of the Laundry Room.   I’ve contributed a few pieces on theology and popular culture to Ministry Matters, too.

However, if you didn’t want to know a little about me, I’m sorry.  Those were a wasted four paragraphs for you.  You took the time to read them and didn’t get any of the content you were looking for.  But, you were the one who clicked the “About” link to begin with so I feel we sort of have to share the blame on this one.