That’s right, dear reader, you’ve read that correctly.  I’m writing a book!  I’ve officially signed a contract with Claremont Press to write a book for their Religion & Comics series!  The volume will explore the prophetic dimension of modern superhero comic books.  Ahhhhhh, I’m SO EXCITED about this project and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

I can’t really say more about it at this stage.  On that note, the featured image for this li’l post was chosen not because the book’s all about Spider-Man (again, I can’t say what it’s about yet).  I picked it because it’s Mark Bagley (my all-time favorite Spider-Man artist)’s variant cover for Spider-Geddon #0 and Spidey’s wearing his black costume.  Spider-Man was wearing his black suit in Web Of Spider-Man #12, which was the very first superhero comic book I ever had.  Mom bought it for me from the spinny rack in Lowblaws in 1986 when I was just three-years-old and, in many ways, the journey that led to this book began there.  So a rendering of Spider-Man in his black costume by my favorite Spider-Man artist of all time seemed the perfect pairing for such exciting news :).

To the extent that I’m able, I’ll share more when I can.  But for now I’m just so happy to be able to share this news and my excitement with you!

UPDATE: And now I can share more news with you about my book!  You can click here for a short post discussing what the book is about and which superheroes I’m writing about :D.



      1. I will! It’s a foreign experience, not being able to talk openly about something I’m writing or working on. But I’m getting used to it. And it’s kinda fun to think about how I get to “reveal” different bits of information as I go through the process!


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