Chelsea Cain’s Man-Eaters: Vol. 1

I loved Chelsea Cain’ Mockingbird.  It was a comic as fun as it was intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny, easily one of the best Marvel was publishing…until they prematurely cancelled it.  So you can imagine my elation when I realized Chelsea Cain was back together with her entire Mockingbird team to do another comic!  This time she’s writing for Image Comics and the result is the darkly satirical horror/comedy comic Man-Eaters.  It’s narrative is richly symbolic and deeply mythological all while delivering a unflinching assault on patriarchal oppression.  It’s funny and creepy and has this fascinating slow building mystery.  If you’d like to know more (and who wouldn’t?!?) then you can click here to read the piece I wrote exploring it for Reads & Reels!  I would be super happy if you clicked and read because I dig the piece, love the comic, and am happy to be featured on Reads & Reels :).  So, um, what are you waiting for?  Click away!

If you’re still reading, here’s a random fact about myself.  Sometimes when I’m in a situation where there are like 1,000,000,000 ice cream flavors and options available to me, I’ll still get plain vanilla.  I do love vanilla ice cream, don’t get me wrong.  But part of what drives me to pick vanilla in those circumstances is I worry it feels left out, only ever being chosen as part of some other concoction.  So, sometimes I’ll get vanilla because I want it.  Sometimes I’ll get it because I anthropomorphize and sympathize with my food.  And sometimes I’ll get something flashier.  That being said, what are you still doing reading this??  Click over to Reads & Reels and read about Man-Eaters already!

Man-Eaters 13

If you want to know what this is all about…you know what you have to do.  Click and read my friend, click and read! / Photo Credit – Image Comics

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