March for Life 2019

This thoughtful and prayerful reflection on the March for Life this past weekend was written by my good friend and co-worker, Matthew. I deeply appreciate his words and am proud to share them here. Please give it a read.

Word - Liturgy - Charity

Yesterday, I returned to the March for Life for the first time in at least a decade. After participating for a few years, I quit the March in my late teens. This was not because I lost my moral opposition to abortion, mind you. Rather, with the War on Terror in full swing I was overwhelmed by the myopic focus on abortion at the expense of tens (eventually hundreds) of thousands of civilians sacrificed to the false gods of war and wealth in Afghanistan and Iraq. That the march began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a rally filled with star-struck praise for the right wing in power was too much for my Catholic, consistent life ethic conscience to bear.

Recently, students from my school formed chapter of Students for Life. Two dozen of them excitedly planned to travel to Washington, DC. They needed support from teachers to go with…

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