The Immortal Hulk: Rooting for and Fearing the Monster Within

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  In honor of this spookiest of all holidays, I’ve written a guest post for Kalie over at her horror blog, Just Dread-Full, about Al Ewing’s new horror/superhero hybrid series The Immortal Hulk.  As all the best Hulk comics do, this gives us all sort of superheroic destruction while leading us to look deeply into our own hearts and contemplate our own inner demons.  It’s an intriguing comic and I’m proud of the post so I think you should head over to Kalie’s blog right now to read my post about The Immortal Hulk.  Please?  PLEASE.  C’mon!  Just click this link and you’ll make me sooooooooo happy 🙂.  Please and thank you!

12 thoughts on “The Immortal Hulk: Rooting for and Fearing the Monster Within

    1. Right?? I think I might agree! As a kid, I always liked the Grey Hulk better than the classic Green Hulk. It was, in part, because the Grey Hulk was a little meaner, a little tougher. While I loved the Green Hulk, I always felt bad for how ostracized and alone he was and how that affected him. The Grey Hulk just didn’t give a shit and he would mess you up if he had to. But this version takes the power and the nastiness up to a whole new level while still retaining the “hero” nature. It’s brilliantly executed.


      1. I really hate to admit this but I was never a huge fan of the Hulk. The Hulk just never found a voice that attracted me, is he Stan Lee’s Frankenstein or Jekyll and Hyde? I have to agree that the grey version is good and I also enjoyed the Planet Hulk stuff, but this current version is the Hulk I have been searching for.

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      2. I think that is the highest praise this Hulk comic can get! If you’ve never really loved the Hulk but you’re really into this version, then kudos to Al Ewing. I love that, when I find an author who makes me love a character I’ve never gotten into before. I feel that way with Dan Slott’s current Iron Man run. I’ve always like him, as a character, but never found myself regularly reading him. But I think Slott’s run is a lot of fun!

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  1. What a profoundly thought-provoking piece!

    My only real experience with the Hulk is the Totally Awesome Hulk run. I didn’t go as far as the legacy run but even with the more light-hearted tone there was definitely a exploration with the “Monster Within” that resides within us all, albeit to different degrees.

    I’ve only been hearing good things about the current title, your post may just be the final motivator in me picking up the first trade.

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    1. I loved the Totally Awesome Hulk – especially for that reason. I LOVED that we had a Hulk who wasn’t a tortured being! Amadeus Cho was just a great superhero who loved what he did, even as he wrestled with his own inner monster. I can see myself coming back to reread those issues often. I like that he’s still in ‘Champions’ but I do miss him headlining his own title.

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    1. I don’t know yet myself :). The story is still running. However the last issue I read (which I didn’t discuss in the post) ended on a pretty dark, creepy note. Only time (and my being brave enough to keep reading) will tell how it goes!

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      1. I think there’s so much room to do creative content with the Hulk. No matter the version – Green Hulk, Grey Hulk, Professor Hulk, Devil Hulk, etc. – he is a character rich in symbolism and narrative potential.


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