F.N.V. – An Imperial Talker Sing-Along

Over on my blog – The Imperial Talker – I spend all of my time offering my various opinions on the Star Wars franchise. While I love waxing eloquently about the galaxy far, far away I am certainly not a one-trick pony. Oh no, I have lots of other things I could extrapolate on such as my bromance with Michael, my hatred of Michael’s brother David, my enjoyment of Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, and Ms. Marvel, my obsession with the show Scrubs, the way I marvel at fireflies, my years of playing and coaching volleyball, my love of hating Michael’s brother David, and so on and so on and so on. You get the idea, there is a lot more to me than just Star Wars.

With that in mind, I thought I would take over My Comic Relief for a brief moment, capturing your attention with the music that I, The Imperial Talker (aka – Jeff Cagle), absolutely MUST sing-along to when I hear it. No matter what I am doing, or where I am, these song are just a handful of those which require my immediate vocal talents when they begin to play. Family and friends (but definitely not Michael’s brother David) I welcome you to…


“Africa” – Toto – 1982

Admit it, you sing-along to Toto’s “Africa” whenever it plays. If you don’t, then you are either 1) lying or; 2) you have never heard it which is just unlikely so you are probably; 3) lying. My undying love of “Africa,” and compulsive need to sing-along to “Africa,” goes back to high school when I was able to download it from…are you ready for this…Napster (shhhh don’t tell Metallica). Yeah, that’s right, I had Napster. But I digress…

…”Africa” is insatiably infectious, like a disease that takes hold in the mind and reproduces by forcing you to activate the vocal chords, open the mouth, and belt it out so as to infect others. In fact, I bet that if you aren’t already singing-along to “Africa” in your head right now that you will start singing it if I just…write….this….


Had to be done! By the way, that featured image up at the top of this post, that is J.D. from the show Scrubs singing along to “Africa” as he enjoys a relaxing bath on his day off. #crankupthetoto

“Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon – 2014

So, here is the deal: I was a fan of Walk the Moon way before they were cool. Like, waaaaaay before they were cool. Did YOU listen to their song “Anna Sun” obsessively back in 2011? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But hey, I’m not saying I am better than everyone else, I would never say that! EVER! How rude would that be!?!?! All I am saying is that I am better than David (don’t feel bad for him, he would agree).

“Shut Up and Dance” is such a freaking fun song! Like, holy shit it is fun! I am playing it right now and —- “OOOOOOOOH, SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!!!!”

Not only MUST I sing-along to this song (as I am right now) I also have to move my body to it. I mean hell, it is called “Shut Up and Dance” not “Shut Up and Sit Perfectly Still”!!! Hey, I’m just following instructions. I am good at following (but not David, he sucks at following directions). If you will pardon me for a moment, I’m gonna shut up and go dance. brb!!! (brb = Be Right Back for you youngsters).

(Psssssst that means you should get up and sing/dance too).

“Whistles the Wind” – Flogging Molly – 2004

I love this song so much. Like, so flipping much. I don’t even remember the first time I heard it. Honestly, it is as if “Whistles the Wind” has always just resided within me, in the depths of my soul. The music, the lyrics, the emotion poured into each word, each syllable…my god this song is good! This is the type of song that I begin singing and, when the chorus hits, I just end belting it out as loud as I can. I have to!!!. And the thing about the chorus: not only does it fall perfectly within my

vocal range, but I find myself adding my own flare to it, creating my own unique harmony with lead singer Dave King.

Listen to it and try not to sing along by the end. Just try not to sing along…can you do it?

“Come On Get Higher” – Matt Nathanson – 2007

Ask Michael about a musician whose music adequately captures the essence of who I am and he will offer you one name: Matt Nathanson. And ask him to name a Matt Nathanson song that cuts right to the core of who I am and he will offer one track: “Come On Get Higher.” Ask him who I hate with the fiery heat of Mustafar and he will give you the name of one person: David Miller.

I was introduced to Nathanson through the show Scrubs in the Season Six episode “My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby and My Baby’s Baby.” In it, the song “I Saw” by Nathanson is used and I was hooked. But “I Saw” led me to “Come On Get Higher” and the rest is (not to be cliché) but history. Of all the songs I have on iTunes, “Come On Get Higher” is the song that has been played more than any other. The track right below it, having the second most plays, is The Imperial March. Surprise!

What I love about “Come On Get Higher” is how the music, and especially the rhythm, just bleeds sexy. But the lyrics, and the way Nathanson sings those lyrics, are what makes this song REALLY sexy. Seriously, just wait for Nathanson to sing the following lyrics and you’ll understand what I mean…

I miss the pull of your heart

I taste the sparks on your tongue

I see angels and devils

And God when you come on

Hold on, Hold On, Hold on, Hold On

“She Thinks My Tractors Sexy” – Kenny Chesney – 1999

Since we have “sexy” on the mind (David is totally NOT sexy) this is good time to bring up Kenny Chesney’s infamous “She Thinks My Tractors Sexy.” Yeah people, that is right, I’m a country fan. I can’t deny it and I have no shame about it. I grew up in rural America and, well, you just get used to it after a while. When I was in high school I worked at a little grocery store in our town and the local country station was always playing in the store. “She Thinks My Tractors Sexy” was played so many times that, after a while, it just stuck in my head. Now, whenever I hear it, I not only sing it but I think about all the times I had to bag groceries and help carry the bags out for customers. Honestly, I sorta miss those days…but hey, at least Kenny can help me reminisce every now and again.

“Defying Gravity” – From the Wicked Soundtrack (Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel) – 2003

Listen up people, I love musicals. Seriously, I probably could have just done this entire post about songs from musicals. Perhaps another time. For now, let me just say that “Defying Gravity” is my absolutely favorite song from a musical. Ever. Period. End of story. Sorry Lin Manuel Miranda, “My Shot” is a damn good song but Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel stole my heart first with the signature song in the musical Wicked. Honestly, I think he would understand (oh, btw, “My Shot” is from the musical Hamilton and if you haven’t heard it you should give it a listen).

Lest I hide the truth from you – I hide the truth from David all the time (I told him I thought he was cool once…wink wink) – when I saw Wicked for the first time I got teary listening to “Defying Gravity.” The music, the lyrics, the story, the spectacle. My god it was mesmerizing! Seriously, if you have never seen it, go immediately!!! But don’t take David. He wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Any Man of Mine” – Shania Twain – 1995

I already admitted that I am a fan of country, so admitting that I’m a fan of Shania Twain isn’t a problem for me at all. Besides, “Any Man of Mine” was the bridge between Shania the country star and Shania the pop/rock star, so it doesn’t have to count as JUST country. But then again, who cares which genre it falls into! This song is just damn enjoyable. The second that fiddle starts playing that song has me hooked, and Shania’s subtle twang in the lyrics just reels me in afterwards. Oh, and that key change in the song! Ugh, I love a good key change. David doesn’t understand the merits of a perfectly timed key change, but I know you all do. Yes, yes you do.

Oh, and are you ready for this – not only do I sing-along to “Any Man of Mine” but I have also country line danced to it. Seriously people, it is taking everything in my power right now to not get up and line dance to it…

Actually, I think I will go line-dance right now. So, while I am doing that, you should take the time to leave a comment and let me know what songs YOU like to sing-along to when you hear them. Unless you are David Miller, in which case 1) I hate you and; 2) see number 1. But if you aren’t David then I am excited to sing-along with you!!!!

This post has been provided by The Imperial Talker, and sponsored by The Committee of Irrational Hatred of David Miller©. All Rights Reserved.



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3 thoughts on “F.N.V. – An Imperial Talker Sing-Along

  1. Omg we are so close to the same person. GREAT CHOICES. Much better than Michael’s choices (heehee sorry Michael).

    Funny story, the first time I heard Africa was around when I was obsessed with Aladdin and I thought, in my child brain, that this song was about Aladdin so therefore they were singing Agrobah. So for years, like, at least 10-15 years, I thought it was Agrobah instead of Africa.

    And yes, Shut Up and Dance – omg that song is amazing and got me through a rough time in my life. I just had to let go of worries and sing and dance and go crazy whenever I heard it. I still do. It’s such a good song.

    I don’t know the Flogging Molly song and am not a fan of Come On and Get Higher – those are the only two that I don’t agree with.

    I’m a big country music fan but didn’t discover it until my late teens in high school. It was really looked down upon to like it and I was teased a bit but I’m still holding true 13 years later. I saw Chesney in concert and I do like that song. I prefer Beer in Mexico to a song I’m going to break out and sing and never ever turn off – but She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy is a classic.

    Sigh. Defying Gravity. You can’t go wrong with that song…though I do have to make sure the windows in my house are shut before going crazy because I do think I’m the next Idina Menzel lol. That song is the best for uplifting and getting over whatever hurdle is in your life.

    I love country line dancing! I haven’t done it in forever because no one does it around here but I used to when I lived in Hawaii (weird place to learn it, huh?). Any Man of Mine always came on and it’s a good song.


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