Marvel Rising – A Miniseries Deserving Of An Ongoing Title!

Did you know Marvel has an incredible new miniseries out right now by Devin Greyson, G. Willow Wilson, and Ryan North staring Ms. Marvel AND Squirrel Girl?!?  Did you know I wrote about that very same series in a guest post for Graphic Novelty2?!?  Well, whether you knew or not, you know now!  So you’re welcome.  I’m super excited about this series and about having the chance to talk about it on Nancy and Kathleen’s fantastic site.  So there’s not much else for me to say outside of please click this link and give it a read!  I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope you enjoy it too.

Did you click the actual post and not just see this on the ol’ homepage?  Well you’re in luck!  I’ve put another great picture of Kamala and Doreen below as well as giving you another chance to click this link to go read my fun guest post for Graphic Novelty2 about Marvel Rising!  Also, do yourself a favor and go pick up this title too.

Marvel Rising 4

Best. Team-Up. EVER.  (Sorry Spidey and Deadpool, but you know it’s true.) / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

9 thoughts on “Marvel Rising – A Miniseries Deserving Of An Ongoing Title!

    1. The show is coming up! They are releasing a feature length animated movie to come as well as a series of digital shorts (I think coming out at the end of this month) on Disney XD. So they are rolling out these heroes and team-ups across the media and I’m pretty excited about that.

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