Neekology 101: Episode #31 – Remember the Age of Ultron?

Are you ready for something exciting?!?  If not…you should totally stop reading this right now because this post has some CRAZY EXCITING STUFF about to come your way.  Here comes the aforementioned excitement.  The wonderful folks from Gods Among Geeks invited me on their Neekology 101 podcast to talk about Avengers: Age Of Ultron.  We chat about the theological implications of artificial intelligence, explore the twin forces of hubris and guilt that motivate Tony in this film, geek out on all things MCU, and even talk a little about the point and purpose of art.  In addition to getting to hear me instead of reading my words you also get the chance to follow their blog and podcast if you don’t already.  So you should totally click here or here or here or – if you missed those chances – here and then you can listen to me on Neekology 101: Episode #31 Remember the Age of Ultron? (and yes, that was another link I hid there because I want you to listen to this).

If you clicked on the article instead of just clicking on the links above from the home page, here’s a really cool picture of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain American from Age Of Ultron as your reward for clicking to see more.  Also, here’s another link to the Neekology episode I’m on…in case you missed it above :).

Ultron 21

Photo Credit – Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Lastly, here’s Black Widow looking quizzical in the woods.  What’s she thinking about?  Well she’s wondering why you’re still reading and not clicking this link so you can hear me on this awesome podcast!  So maybe you do that now?  Okay, please and thank you.

Ultron 23

Photo Credit – Avengers: Age Of Ultron

4 thoughts on “Neekology 101: Episode #31 – Remember the Age of Ultron?

      1. Brother, have a great start to your school year. May you have a great year and even see a door to turn some of this negative Star Wars stuff into teaching opportunities for you kids. In a month or two we are looking at starting a positive fandom movement campaign of sorts called, freefandomforever. I am hoping we can just see where this goes and maybe put good stuff back into fandom. If you want to see the post before I drop it, let me know. I would like to know what you think.

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      2. Absolutely! I think that’s a wonderful and certainly necessary project. You can feel free to email it to me anytime and I’ll happily give it a read. May you have a great school year too my friend!

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