A Mouthful Of Wade Wilson: Lots To Say About Deadpool 2!

With the arrival of Ryan Reynolds second outing as the Merc with a Mouth in theatres this weekend, everyone obviously has Deadpool on the brain (and what a weird, wild, wonderful experience that is).  As I’m no exception, I figured it’s time to talk about Deadpool 2!  I mean, why not, right?  What really makes Deadpool 2 so exceptional is how it gives us everything we love about Wade Wilson while taking the story in a brand-new direction.  It also adds all sorts of new characters, characters who will surely have a lasting impact on Mr. Pool’s future.  While I’ll discuss character outlines and sketch out the plot in general below, NO MAJOR SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW.  Coolio?  Coolio.

Deadpool Sequel 1

Watch out Peter Quill – you’re not the only one with sweet tuneage! / Photo Credit – Deadpool 2

The narrative of Deadpool 2 picks up right after what came before it.  However, while the narratives fit together seamlessly, the scope of the story grows.  Deadpool’s supporting cast is brilliantly built up and the genres the story’s anchored in become far more diverse too.  In addition to your regular “superhero vibe” the narrative also incorporates elements of fantasy (exploring the mystical side of things and having Deadpool tangle with dark magic) as well as horror (with some hilarious (although still a wee bit creepy) undead monsters rising from the grave).  The old and new meshed perfectly and, what was most important to me, I got to see everything I love best about Deadpool.  The rapid-fire dialogue was there.  It was filled with pop culture references.  The humor was wildly inappropriate at times.  And of course it was crazy violent.  As far as I’m concerned, no one manages to make the blood and viscera leap to life for you quite like Deadpool does.

The basic setup for the plot was this.  Deadpool is called in to kill a bunch of undead presidents, who were brought back to life by dark magic in a would-be wizard’s misguided attempt to set right the course the country’s on.  Everyone is there too – from the biggies like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Nixon to the fodder for deep cut reference jokes with people like Taft and Eisenhower.  But why is Deadpool the man called in to handle this distressing situation?  Well, outside of his impeccable ability to make Ghostbusters jokes, Deadpool has the right reputation for the job.  Playing to his outsider status as well as his annoying nature, it’s made clear no hero with a respectable reputation could be seen decapitating, stabbing, electrocuting, burning and shooting former U.S. presidents in the attempt to send them back to their graves :).  In the name of the security of both the country and the other heroes’ reputations, Deadpool is set loose.  But one of the best things about Deadpool 2 is that Wade Wilson knows he can’t do it alone this time.  Somebody needs to become part of a teeeeeeam!

Deadpool Sequel 2

Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead /  Photo Credit – Deadpool 2

There are many characters introduced here who are destined for rich development.  However, as this is a shorter/spoiler-free piece, I want to just briefly focus on the ones who left the biggest impression on me.  First, of course, there was Agent Emily Preston!  I love her.  Her relationship with Deadpool, forced to be the woman who tries to handle and direct the hurricane of chaos that is the Merc with the Mouth, is fertile ground for both comedy and emotional development – both of which are well handled and set the stage for a lot more in the future.  You can’t help but empathize with her…all while you revel in the insanity Deadpool brings :).  Then there’s Agent Scott Adst, Preston’s righthand man.  We only get to see him in a minor role here, mainly reacting to what’s exploding all around him.  But he has so much potential!  However, the new character I loved the most, hands down, was the ghost of Ben Franklin.  To see Deadpool going toe-to-toe with the Roosevelts Franklin and Teddy all while having Ben Franklin coaching him on the sidelines?  It’s so brilliant!

They do so much with the locations in Deadpool 2 as well.  We see Independence Hall in Philadelphia, an undisclosed military graveyard, the Los Angeles Zoo (for the most unsettling (equal parts gore and hilarity) zoo-animal fight scene you’ve ever seen)…the list goes on.  How do you follow Deadpool 1?  Well why not have Wade engaged in an all-out war in a zoo?  Yep, this is how classic memories are made :).

Deadpool Sequel 3

This is also how sweet memories are made…X-Force. / Photo Credit  – Deadpool 2

As I said above, the pop culture allusions are so perfectly executed.  These have always been one of my absolute favorite things about this character.  Deadpool 2 drops you immediately into the hilarity we all want by opening with a pretty wild dream sequence.  Wade’s midbattle and he’s taken a shot to the head (#Classic).  While he heals, he’s imaging himself on the beach with the Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four!) and Emma Frost (the X-Men!).  In addition to being hilarious and unexpected, it’s a great way to directly tie Deadpool into the larger Marvel Universe, with both the FF and X-Men making an appearance, all while still letting it be very Deadpool with it all playing out in his head.  On the Marvel note, there are some brilliant references (Ben Franklin asks him, “Who are you calling?  The Avengers?  The Fantastic Four?” and Wade replies, “Pfft.  Those guys hate me.”) as well as some great Star Wars ones too (“Is Lucas gonna sue me for talking to a blue ghost named Ben?”), just to name a few.  Oh!  And there’s a great blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by Doctor Strange and Wong!  Wade also references everything from Kevin James to the Looney Tunes to Prince.

Deadpool Sequel 4

Yep!  They’re here too!  At least for a moment… / Photo Credit – Avengers: Infinity War

Honestly, I think everyone should check this out.  Deadpool 1 and Deadpool 2 are a perfect starting point for those who are new to the character but they also have so, so much for people who are hardcore fans.  I was excited to experience Deadpool 2 and it ended up being even better than I ever imagined/hoped.  Seriously, if you’re on the fence about Deadpool 2, dive in.  You won’t regret it!  If you know you want it, then what are you waiting for??  Deadpool 2 has something for everyone!

I just…hmm, okay you know what?  I just realized my “#” key must be sticking on the keyboard.  I’ve been writing about Deadpool #2 (Vol. 3), which came out the end of November of 2012.  It’s the start of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan’s run.  I, uh, I’m not writing about Deadpool 2 the movie, which came out a few days ago.  I could see if this was confusing and…oh gosh!  The pictures too!  Listen, it’s late and I’ve had a looong week.  I’m so tired.  And when I Google “Deadpool” (or even “Doctor Strange and Wong” for that matter) it’s the movie pictures that come up first.  I kind of wanted to get the post done and go to bed so I just used what I found first.  Yikes :/.

Deadpool Sequel 5

Oops! / Photo Credit – Deadpool

HOWEVER, in my defense, each time I typed the “2” it clearly wasn’t italicized like the rest of the title.  So, if you were confused here, you kind of only have yourself to blame.  Pay attention to fonts people!

Anyway, if you’d like to know how great Deadpool 2 is (the movie, not Vol. 3 #2), you should totally go see it.  That’s what I did!  And I can’t wait to see it again.  I love it.  My only complaint with the film (and I felt this with the first too) was I wanted more Negasonic Teenage Warhead!  But I was always going to love Deadpool 2 (the movie, not Vol. 3 #2).  However, I appreciate it all the more after Avengers: Infinity War sort of let me downDeadpool 2 (the movie, not Vol. 3 #2) does not disappoint.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Go see it yourself!  Now!  As long as you don’t have kids or you have a sitter lined up…other wise  you’ll just be that person, the douche nozzle who brings their kids to something as wholly inappropriate as Deadpool 2 (the movie, not Vol. 3 #2).  So what are you waiting for??  Go see the movie!  Then let me know what you thought of it.  Also, as this post hopefully makes clear, Deadpool #2 (Vol. 3) is AMAZING!  You should go read this now too.

Deadpool Sequel 6

Just like Cable, Deadpool’s coming for you.  You might as well embrace it and enjoy it!  Have fun at the movies! / Photo Credit – Deadpool 2

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