The BIG Question: Which Vehicle/Ship Would You Choose?

Once before, I rolled up my sleeves and tackled one of humanity’s oldest and most enduring questions – which superpowers would you choose, if you could have any?  But that’s far from the only query to vex the human imagination.  As long as we’ve been imagining mystical, powerful, larger-than-life beings in incredible, captivating, exciting stories, we’ve been imagining different ways for them to move around.  Naturally, the next best thing to imagining fictional characters travelling in these incredible vessels is thinking about having a real one for ourselves.  And this brings us to the question at the center of today’s post – if you could choose, which ship or vehicle or transport would you pick to have for your very own?  

Vehicles 20

Yep, a flaming motorcycle could be pretty cool.  But I’d still probably be scared of wrecking it. / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

As a kid, I was never one to enjoy playing with cars.  I don’t know why.  David loved it but I never really did.  However, give me an action figure or two and I’d be happy for hours.  The only time I ever really enjoyed playing with vehicles was when they tied to the characters I already loved.  This wasn’t limited to just the toys that my action figures could ride in either.  It also applied to things like Star Wars Micro Machines or the greatest toy vehicles ever created.  The OG Star Wars Micro Machines were, and remain, probably the coolest toy replicas of the ships I loved from a movie (or TV show or comic or whatever) that I’ve ever seen or held in my hands.  All this is to say, I like to think about these creations…and I certainly enjoy imagining what it would be like to ride/fly/own them myself!  So let’s talk about this, shall we?

The game’s pretty simple.  If given the choice, of all the vehicles/ships/transports/etc/ in all of fiction, which would you pick for yourself?  And of course we’re imagining that it’s real/working too, just as it does in the stories where we fell in love with it.  The only stipulation I’m adding is that you can’t mix and match.  So, for example, if you decided you wanted to fly the U.S.S. Enterprise from Stark Trek you couldn’t then ALSO add the Flux Capacitor from Back To The Future.  If you pick the Enterprise and the Enterprise doesn’t time travel, then you don’t get to time travel.  Whatever vehicle you pick, that’s what you get – quirks and all.  From there, get creative.  You can pick from comic books, movies, TV shows, cartoons, movies, novels…whatever your little heart desires just so long as you’re only picking one particular vehicle.

So what vehicle would I pick?  Well, let’s get to it!

Vehicles 2

ECTO-1 / Photo Credit – Ghostbusters

As a kid, the first vehicle I remember really capturing my imagination was the ECTO-1.  I loved the Ghostbusters and I loved their car.  I loved everything about it.  I loved how they stored their gear in the back.  I loved the design/pain job.  I love the sirens.  I even loved all the cool stuff on top that we rarely got to see them use because I also loved imagining what it all could do!  So, at one point in my life, I’d’ve jumped at the chance to cruise around in a real life ECTO-1.  However, we have all of fiction open to us.  Why would I ever pick a car…no matter how cool it may be?  Sorry ECTO-1, you’re out.

Vehicles 3

The Turtle Van / Photo Credit – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A similar problem presents itself with the Turtle Van.  Man I loved this thing!  Admittedly, I didn’t get into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through their original Mirage comics.  I met Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael first in the brightly colored world of their cartoon show.  And Donnie could sure build some cool stuff!  Their van was probably my favorite vehicle of them all.  I loved the guns on top.  I loved all the gadgets Donnie put inside.  It seemed like the Turtle Van could do anything.  And I really loved the little gun chair that folded out of the side!!!  But, as with ECTO-1, if I can pick anything from all of fiction, nostalgia isn’t enough to get me to settle for just a car…or van as the case may be.

Vehicles 4

Photo Credit – Scholastic Books

I briefly considered the Magic School Bus.  For real!  Mainly I’m including it as a tribute to my friend Ashley who once totally won Halloween with a spot on Ms. Frizzle costume.  But, also, it’s got some wild features making it worthy of consideration here.  I mean, it’s a bus, sure…but it can GO ANYWHERE.  Space?  Sure.  Under water?  Of course.  Can you shrink down to go inside my body?  Yeppers.  But no matter how versatile it was, as a kid I always thought, “Um, why would I want more school even if it was for adventures?”  Now, as an adult who happens to be a teacher, I think much the same thing :).  Sorry,  I can get my versatility someplace else and – if not – then it’s not worth it.

Vehicles 5

The Silver Surfer on his sweet silver surfboard / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

This one may seem like an odd inclusion too but, c’mon.  The Silver Surfer’s freakin’ surfboard?!?  Who wouldn’t want this??  Created and fueled by the Power Cosmic, the board is basically indestructible and is capable of careening across the universe at incredible speeds.  Add to that the fact that it always returns to the Surfer due to their bond and you have a pretty powerful, pretty gnarly mode of transportation.  Also, the idea of traversing the cosmos in a manner that lends itself to flashing the “hang loose” symbol’s sweet too.  However, it’s pretty much a one person show and as exciting as space travel and visiting distant planets may be, if I’m picking anything from the world of fiction, I’d like to be able to take more people with me on my travels/adventures with greater ease than the board would allow.

Vehicles 8

THE MILLENNIUM FALCON BABY!!!! / Photo Credit – A New Hope

So…what’s the logical choice?  What’s the only choice for interstellar travel with all the comforts of home, the ability to carry lots of people with you, all wrapped in a package that’s filled with personality, quirks, charm, and just the right mix of ill temper?  Obviously it’s the Millennium Falcon.  I have been in love with this ship FOREVER.  The very first time I watched A New Hope I remember wondering where this ship had been all my life.  I had never seen anything like it before.  I wanted the original The Essential Guide to Vehicles book in large part to learn about the Falcon!  I remember pouring over the blueprints, wanting to commit every nook and cranny of the ship to memory.  In fact, I actually spent a lot of time legitimately trying to figure out how to build a scale replica of the Millennium Falcon for my home.  I imagined sitting in the cockpit, looking out at the neighborhood as I had my morning coffee.  I imagined lowering the ramp every time I left the house.  I imagined scaring trick-or-treaters with the gun turrets.  Aaaaahhh…good times.  This wasn’t just something I thought about as a kid either.  Even into college I wondered if it was possible and how much it would cost.

Vehicles 9

I would SO love to just hang out in this place.  I think about it allllllll the time. / Photo Credit – A New Hope

Who doesn’t love the Millennium Falcon?  How could you not??  It’s the fastest ship in the fleet.  It’s as essential a character as Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie – and it has as much personality as them too!  You’ve got comfy crew quarters, a sweet game table, and enough firepower to protect yourself should things get a little hairy.  As it was with Wolverine’s claws in the superpowers post, I have spent A LOT of time imagining flying around the cosmos in the Millennium Falcon.  Sometimes I imagine Chewie by my side.  Other times Han.  And others still I imagine other people I know joining me as I fly from one side of this galaxy to the other, seeing a lot of strange stuff.  So it seems pretty obvious I’m picking the Millennium Falcon here.

Except I’m not.

Vehicles 15 (2)

Here she is – the TARDIS – in all her glory. / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

So…uh, um…here’s the thing.  This is a little hard to say and I feel like I’m cheating on Star Wars when I say this (not to mention cheating on Jeff (and maybe Hannah (although I know she likes Doctor Who too so I’d have to check with her to see how she feels on the issue to be sure))) but the Millennium Falcon sucks compared to the TARDIS.  In fact, every ship or vehicle ever imagined sucks compared to the TARDIS.  Like Kalie’s slam dunk answer on the superpowers question, I can’t really see any debate here.  If I could choose any ship, vehicle, vessel, or mode of transportation from all of fiction, the TARDIS wins it, hands down.  Easy.  No question.  Game.  Set.  Match.  Checkmate.  It’s over.

Vehicles 16

One of the wardrobe rooms / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

Before I began watching Doctor Who, I would have overlooked this blue phone booth looking thingie too and definitively chosen the Millennium Falcon.  And I’d’ve been happy with her too!  I’d have had no idea what I was missing out on.  But now that I’ve watched all ten years of (the modern incarnation of) Doctor Who, I know how mislead I would have been (I’m finally all caught up and patiently waiting until Jodie Whittaker’s first season arrives on Amazon).  The TARDIS is the greatest mode of transportation ever conceived of by human imagination and I’d love to have one!!!

The TARDIS can travel anywhere in space or time.  So any point, any place, anywhere, in the entire cosmos, at any moment in history – past, present, or future – is open to you.  How could you ever choose anything else?  You wouldn’t!

Vehicles 14

Look at all the books on this bridge!  And this isn’t even the library!!! / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

It’s not just the range of the TARDIS that makes it the superior choice either.  The ship herself is sentient.  Grown as opposed to being built, a TARDIS has a heart and soul.  It also has a very real  say in where you go too.  As the Twelfth Doctor tells Bill, “You don’t ‘steer’ the TARDIS!  You negotiate with her!  The still point between where you want to go and where you need to be.  That’s where she takes you.”  I really like this idea.  She certainly has her share of quirks and more than enough personality to give the Falcon a run for her money, but the TARDIS is also a being in her own way and she does her best to make certain you are where you need to be – or where the universe needs you to be.  This relationship isn’t just one of fun or function, it’s one anchored in helping people whenever you can.

Vehicles 23

The TARDIS can be cranky and ornery too.  But she’s also full of compassion and heart. / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

And, obviously there’s the whole “It’s bigger on the inside!” thing.  First explained by the Fourth Doctor, utilizing transdimensional engineering, the TARDIS is actually another dimension inside than it is outside!  This means what looks like a tiny little blue box is filled with libraries and pools and clothes and toys and gadgets and all manner of cabins AND it manifests new bridges to fit your mood (or, you know, current regeneration).

The space inside earns my awe but the fact that the TARDIS itself is oriented towards peace earns my love and respect.  As Theresa pointed out while we were discussing the TARDIS, one of the most beautiful things about her is she’s virtually indestructible yet has no weapons.  She’s a vessel for exploration and discovery, help and aid, not battle.  Her telepathic translation matrix allows those who travel with her to understand everyone they encounter (and vice versa too).  The TARDIS isn’t just lacking weapons; she actively aids communication and understanding.  She brings people together, literally and metaphorically

Vehicles 22

Now THIS is the library inside the TARDIS!!!  I would LOVE this!!!! / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

Lastly, while the Doctor’s life tends to often be a lonely one, the solitary wanderer was not the lifestyle the TARDIS was designed for.  Rather, the ship is quite literally made for community.  Flying her together, the Tenth Doctor tells Rose, Mickey, Sarah, Jack, and Martha, “Now, then, you lot, you know why this TARDIS is always rattling about the place?  It’s designed to have six pilots and I have to do it singlehanded…but not anymore.  Now we can fly this thing like it’s meant to be flown!”  Much like life, it’s possible to navigate her on our own, but it’s a far smoother and more efficient ride with a community around us.  The nature of the TARDIS calls us towards loving communion!

I love the Falcon.  I always have.  I always will.  But the TARDIS wins this question, easily.  I’m not even sorry.

Vehicles 26

There’s nothing quite like the bonding you get while travelling together in the TARDIS. / Photo Credit – Doctor Who

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not normally one to end posts with intentional questions to try and spark comments but it worked out really well on the super powers one and that post ended up being a lot of fun!  So I’ll ask again.  If you’d like to share, which vehicle – out of all of fiction – would you choose for yourself and why?  And can anyone make a compelling case for why I should choose the Falcon over the TARDIS??  Because, even though I feel like I’m having an affair (cheating on both Star Wars and Jeff in the process) it seems like it has to be the TARDIS for the win.  I don’t even feel guilty about it either, that’s how perfect the TARDIS is.

Where shall we go my love?  Oh, you’re so incredible TARDIS.  Allons-y!!


If you like pondering deep issues and you missed the post about which superhero’s power’s you’d want (and want to add your opinion) you can click here.

38 thoughts on “The BIG Question: Which Vehicle/Ship Would You Choose?

    1. Gah! Now you’re making me feel like I’m cheating on Star Wars AND younger me. But I can’t help it!! I’d abandon the Falcon-loving youth I was to go anywhere in space and/or time with the TARDIS. Sigh, you are clearly a better, more loyal person than I…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I completely agree…which is why it was a rough call to pick the TARDIS. But the TARDIS is just so perfect! Ah, I’m sorry but not sorry all at the same time ;).


  1. Hard to imagine anything beating the TARDIS for all that it can contain and all the places it can go to. The DeLorean in BTTF comes really close (and looks cooler than a phone box) but doesn’t change it’s interior space. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld comes close too – technically it’s a vehicle as it’s propelled through the universe on the back of elephants and a giant turtle? For me the TARDIS wins because, as you said, it’s not just a ship it’s a living character. The episode The Doctor’s Wife in which we see a physical manifestation of it – Idris – is brilliant. I also like how it gets an interior makeover at each regeneration, and often subtle changes to the exterior. Some vehicles I’d be interested in for fun and bumpy rides: the Cat Bus from My Neighbour Totoro, and the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve always admired the design of the ECTO 1 and I love the X-Wing Fighter. Oh, and just about anything from Wacky Races 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaah! Yes! “The Doctor’s Wife” is one of my favorite episodes too! I thought about quoting it in this piece but wasn’t sure how to condense all it does in a line or two. It is absolutely brilliant. The way it literally brings to life the TARDIS’s being is masterfully done.

      Thanks for including some of your other choices too! I love geeking out with people on this topic :). There are so many ones to choose from! Excellent choices all (I almost put the X-Wing on my list too).

      Also, you’ve made me think yet again that I need to read much more Terry Pratchett. Shamefully, the only thing of his I’ve read of his is ‘Good Omens,’ his novel with Neil Gaimen. I loved it, but I need to read more. He’s such a prolific author and he’s given so much to the sci-fi/fantasy world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. This post is just as addictive as the super powers one you did 🙂 Plenty of good thoughts and ideas.
        I also liked the episode with Capaldi’s Doctor in which he’s stuck in the Tardis which is becoming smaller on the inside with him remaining the same size. You see his giant hand poking out of the door at one point, and the Tardis is soon small enough to fit inside a handbag. Completely mad.
        There is still lots more Pratchett I have to read yet, he was very prolific.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I almost used a picture from that episode! Visually it was a really fun episode but it was also interesting to invert such a classic part of the TARDIS and have the Doctor and Clara respond to that.

        It took me awhile to overcome my intimidation to just jump into ‘Doctor Who’ but now that I have I can’t believe it’s taken me so long! I already want to go back and start re-watching everything, to take it slower and explore them in more depth. There’s soooo much in them.

        I’m glad you enjoy these posts! They’re a lot of fun to write so it’s nice that people have fun with them too.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It’s great you’ve got through them all as there are so many. I enjoy going back to them as you find new things and some episodes that you didn’t think quite hit the mark are better on second view. I can’t wait to see what Jodie Whittaker brings to the role in the new season! If you haven’t seen it yet I wholeheartedly recommend you see ‘An Adventure In Space and Time’ the 2013 biographical TV film of how Doctor Who began. It’s beautifully acted, funny, tear-jerking, and gives such a good account of how it all began way back in 1963.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh, I haven’t seen it. I actually haven’t even heard of it yet! Thank you so much for the tip. I’ll absolutely check this out.

        I love a TV show (or movie or novel for that matter) that allows you to find more things each time you return to it. It’s such a testament to the power of the art. It didn’t take me long to realize ‘Doctor Who’ would be one of those shows and I love it all the more for that.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sure you know what my answer will be: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It has an armament of 12 phaser arrays, 2 torpedo launchers, 250 photon, gravimetric, or tricobalt torpedoes and antimatter mines. It also has extras such as holodecks (in which virtual reality environments and characters can be created), an arboretum, a school, a gymnasium, amphitheaters and a bar called Ten Forward. Plus, as a bonus, it’s crew is absolutely fantastic. Make it so!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would’ve been very, very worried if you didn’t pick the Enterprise. If you hadn’t, it may’ve meant either the world was ending or I’d completely misunderstood your love of Star Trek. While I couldn’t abandon my newfound love of the TARDIS for any ship (Star Trek or otherwise), I’m happy to know all’s right with the world and/or I’m an attentive friend :).

      Also, when my friend Theresa read this post she corrected/clarified my use of “U.S.S. Enterprise” by adding the “NCC-1707-D” too. My first thought was, “I bet Nancy would’ve told me the same.” And I was right!

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  3. Here is the thing: I don’t buy it. Try as you might, but I don’t believe for a hot second you would choose any ship over the Millennium Falcon if the choice actually presented itself to you. Therefore, I do not feel cheated on – nor does the Falcon – because this interest in the TARDIS is a mere passing fancy. You are feeling slighted by Star Wars right now, you have been dating another sci-fi story (Doctor Who), and right now you THINK you are in love but it isn’t love (go talk to Justin if you need to but he will agree with me).

    Go ahead and have your little fling. It will pass and you will come running back to the Millennium Falcon soon enough begging for forgiveness. And you know what, the Falcon, she will be waiting for you because she has always chosen you, Michael. Just keep that in mind, she has always chosen you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Justin’s never been in love. Not real love anyway, not like this. And that’s what I’ve found with the TARDIS – true love. That’s not to say I didn’t love the Falcon nor that she won’t always have a special place in my heart. I hope the Millennium Falcon and I can always be friends too. But the TARDIS gives me everything I’d ever need – and more!

      And as Theresa pointed out when she read this post (something I’m revising it to include as well (giving her credit of course)) the TARDIS is near indestructible but also completely peaceful. There’s no weapons here – it’s all exploration, knowledge, and helping without taking any life. I’m certainly down with that. This is the stuff of mature, lasting love not the wild, first blush of love that I had with the Falcon.

      And, if I was ever really missing the Falcon, why the TARDIS can design some interior rooms to mirror the Falcon. So I could have the Millennium Falcon LITERALLY INSIDE the TARDIS if I wanted. And while the chameleon circuit on the Doctor’s TARDIS is broken (hence it always being a blue police box), if it was working the outside of the TARDIS could even look like the Falcon if I wanted that for an afternoon. But I wouldn’t need it too. I’d love that little (but bigger on the inside) blue police box with all my heart as the TARDIS and I went on adventures anywhere in time and space.

      At least the Millennium Falcon and I will always have Micro Machines…

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  4. Considering your devotion to Chris Pratt/Starlord, I thot u would opt for the Milano, but yes, the Falcon is such an iconic and obvious choice.
    Having grown up with you-know-Who, I was inspired enough, back in the day, to convert my wardrobe into my very own TARDIS 🙂
    I believe this is the clip you want:

    Oh, my other choice? “Flying blind on a Hawkman Rocket Cycle”
    Please Drive Carefully 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A WARDROBE TARDIS?!? That’s amazing! You were living the life I now aspire to years before I even know what it was or that I’d want it. Well done sir and thank you for blazing the trail!

      I actually thought about including the Milano here. But, at the end of the day, too much of what I like about it I like about the Falcon (its messy charm, it being able to accommodate a lot of people, an exciting cockpit, unique gun turrets, etc). And, since I’ve known the Falcon longer I went with her.

      Also, thanks for the clip! That’s it exactly!

      You drive safely too my friend :). The Rocket Cycle is certainly another legendary choice!

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      1. Before u even knew what – or Who? 😉 – it was? Amazingly enough, I was living the wardrobe TARDIS life before u were born!
        Been compiling 2 Classic Doctor Who Posts, but seem to have watched more clips than get actual writing done this week. I have had a look at the 11th Doctor, but to me, it’s not the same – there is, alas, no fascination with NuWho

        Great Post, amigo! What next, I wonder?! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve been wondering that too! There are certainly more than two BIG Questions that need consideration :). Only time will tell where we go next…

        I want to start trying the Classic Who myself this summer. Then I can begin experiencing some of that Who-derful knowledge and awesomeness you were gaining back when I was a baby and even before I was around. I’ve got some catching up to do!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank u, Michael!
        Your aim to delve into Classic Who this Summer gives me the drive to get at least one of my Doctor Posts: out this week! I will forward the Link to your very own Gallifreyan Guide as soon as it’s done!
        There are always more than two BIG questions to consider, my friend; question is: which one do you tackle first? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m sure you’re right that the TARDIS is the clear winner. But I’d still pick an X-wing, specifically the XJ series from New Jedi Order.
    Also, does a floating or walking castle count? Because I might take Howl’s moving castle 🙂 Especially if it comes with Calcifer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Howl’s moving castle totally counts! I mean, the TARDIS is a lot more than “just a ship” so I think the moving castle fits. I mean, it’s a structure that moves right? I dig it. What a cool choice too! My experience with Studi Ghibli films is, admittedly, limited. My local theatre is doing some sort of marathon this summer and I’m thinking about trying to catch several of them when they play.

      Also, I’ll have my TARDIS drop by inside your castle and then we can go on some exciting adventures together! It seems like the type of place they’d enjoy investigating on ‘Doctor Who’ anyway :).

      Also also, GREAT CHOICE with the XJ X-Wing! What a badass, deep cut reference. I love it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh you can’t go wrong with any Studio Ghibli film 🙂 Howl’s Moving Castle is also a wonderful book. The TARDIS and the castle combined might just be too much awesomeness all together for the universe to handle, though!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmm, you raise a good point. I’d hate to rip the fabric of space and time in the pursuit of our epically awesome road trip. Maybe we should consider it, for safety reasons, before just jumping in. Good call.


    1. YOU CAN! Honestly, I’m now surprised no one’s said this before. Also, wow – the power to destroy a planet in your hands. Impressive (and intimidating) choice. I hope you’ll let me park my TARDIS on your Death Star so we can hang out.


      1. Okay, sweet. With the whole time travel thing, that shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. I bet you’d have a pretty sweet arcade/game room in addition to the whole planet-destroying lazer thing.


  6. Hi Michael,

    Great ship comparrison. I love the Falcon, Enterprise, and the Deloran for different reasons. Yep, love the idea of a bigger dimension in a smaller one. Happy travels.


    On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 10:14 PM My Comic Relief wrote:

    > Michael J. Miller posted: “Once before, I rolled up my sleeves and tackled > one of humanity’s oldest and most enduring questions – which superpowers > would you choose, if you could have any? But that’s far from the only > query to vex the human imagination. As long as we’ve been imag” >

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