My Deadpool 2 Preparation!

So back in December, to prepare for The Last Jedi, I marathoned all the Star Wars movies in chronological order.  Since I was dropping the Disney Canon additions in where they’d fit narratively (and back-to-back double featuring Rogue One with A New Hope) that meant EIGHT NIGHTS straight of Star Wars goodness, with The Last Jedi on the final night.  Then, last month, I took this process to new heights with my Mega Marvel Movie Marathon – every single MCU film leading up to my seeing Avengers: Infinity War.  That meant NINETEEN STRAIGHT NIGHTS of Marvel greatness!  But now…the Merc with a Mouth returns!  So what monstrously magnificent marathon will lead my way to Deadpool 2?!?!?

Um, well I’m just going to watch Deadpool the night before I go see Deadpool 2.  There’s just that one movie before this one so I’m gonna re-watch it.  What were you expecting?

Gosh, this promposal, Instagram-everything, it has to be “an EVENT” to be important culture we’re living in really ruins things.  Realistic expectations people!  Sheesh.

Deadpool 2 Prep 4

C’mon kids, sometimes you just have to enjoy the simple things. / Photo Credit – Deadpool 2

18 thoughts on “My Deadpool 2 Preparation!

  1. You’re doing exactly the same thing as me! I decided that since I’d not seen any of the Marvel movies, to start at the beginning and work my way through and rate them. Only seen Iron Man (5 stars) and The Incredible Hulk (4 stars) so far, but enjoying them!

    Re: preparing for Deadpool, he’s a character I know very little of, despite being a big comic fan, so I decided to do a little recommended reading and have about 60 issues to make my way through!

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    1. Yay! Good luck on your own Mega Marvel Movie Marathon. I have a friend who;s doing the same, coming to the universe and exploring them all now. Aaaahh! You’re going to have so much fun :). I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far too!

      I didn’t know much about Deadpool either, when I came back to comic books after a gap in my reading of them. He became “a thing” during my off time. But I’ve enjoyed the character I’ve found! Out of curiosity, what comics are you looking into??


      1. I’ve grabbed the Joe Kelly run, starting around 1997 I think. I haven’t actually started on it yet as I’m trying to work my way through a Batman reading list I created for myself involving all the Robin’s, when each one took up the role and departed from Batman’s side to make way for a new one.

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      2. Joe Kelly’s brilliant. He wrote the first few arcs of the new ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool’ series that started a few years ago and they were exceptional. Also, WOW, you’re really going back to the beginning! That’s impressive!

        For what it’s worth, if/when you have the time, I recommend you check out Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan’s run on ‘Deadpool,’ starting in 2012. I’ve never read Deadpool comics that make me laugh out loud more but they also create a story with a real emotional resonance too. Cullen Bunn’s stuff (‘Night Of The Living Deadpool,’ etc.) is all really well done as well.

        And have fun with Batman! This is one of the brilliant things about comics. There’s always SO MUCH to immerse yourself in :). I love it.

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      3. Haha when I decide to go in to something I have a weird compulsion to delve as far back as I can! Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check those out after! I’ve never really been in to much Marvel stuff, always DC, but the last year I’ve tried to get in some of the more significant events, and have read Planet Hulk, World War Hulk and Civil War, so looking forward to getting in to a few more characters this year!

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      4. I don’t think it’s a weird compulsion; I think that’s awesome! Deadpool’s probably a fun way to expand your Marvel knowledge too. He was one of the first things I read after my seventeen year hiatus in active comic reading. I loved it! And he’ll always hold a special place in my heart for that.

        My DC knowledge is, admittedly, fairly limited. I’ve read a few of their classics and some random issues here or there but nothing major. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just I’ve always been a Marvel guy :). Although, I have to say I love IDW’s Ghostbusters and TMNT titles.

        And I’ve never read “Planet Hulk” or “World War Hulk.” What did you think of them??


    1. Honestly, it was more exhausting than I thought it would be. BUT you don’t get any sympathy from people when you say, “I’m soooo tired from having to watch a two and a half hour superhero movie every night.” It’s a rough life :).

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    1. You’re right! A lot of people don’t know that but a “deadpool” is, in fact, the technical name for an empty swimming pool at an abandoned motel (not a hotel though, that’s a different thing entirely). The pool in ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ is actually called “the Irrelevant Pool,” as editing and time constraints ultimately stripped the scene of any real connection to the rest of the film.

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  2. Short! And sweet! Shucks, man! This is what I should be doing – and then increase my output to the point where everybody’s sick of me (if they’re not already, of course!)
    Been watching my own copy of Deadpool this week (forgotten I had it!) and noticed that it’s NOT received a Bradscribe Review, so have to rectify that this week!
    Early reports state that Deadpool 2 is better/funnier than th 1st, so I will definitely be going to watch it!
    “Go get ’em, Poolboy!”

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