The Hyperspace PodBlast Coast-to-Coast Last Jedi Extravaganza!

No spoilers here my friends, don’t worry – not yet.  This isn’t even about The Last Jedi‘s plot.  Rather, this is all about our hopes and dreams going into the film.  Hyperspace PodBlast’s Bryan and Shelby spent opening day talking to people in line at Maya Cinemas in Bakersfield, CA while Hannah and I interviewed people at Tinseltown in Erie, PA.  You heard that right folks – I’m a STAR WARS REPORTER now!!!  Yay for team work!!  It was incredible and we had sooooo much fun doing these interviews.  So we owe a big THANK YOU to Hyperspace PodBlast for having us be your Senior East Coast Correspondents and a big THANK YOU to everyone who chatted with us all day too.

If you haven’t clicked the link yet, you should totally listen to this episode of Hyperspace PodBlast where I get to be a Star Wars reporter.  I had fun!  You’ll have fun too!  (Also you should probably listen to Hyperspace PodBlast regularly as they do great stuff (also, also…if you want to hire me to report on something I totally have the experience now (which you can hear for yourself in my reporting debut)).)


Here’s an adorable picture of BB-8 doing his thing in Poe’s X-Wing for those of you who clicked the article and didn’t just hit the link from the homepage.  I felt you needed something for looking further you know? / Photo Credit – The Last Jedi

As to The Last Jedi itself, honestly, I’m still trying to fully process the film emotionally and intellectually.  I liked it but it may still be a while before I write anything about it.  I doubt I’ll do a post on my thoughts and emotional reaction for another week or so at least.  Stay tuned!

However, if you did see the film and are interested in a spoiler-filled conversation, you should listen to Shelby and Bryan’s immediate thoughts and reactions to the film on their BlastCast: First Impressions of The Last Jedi episode here.

Did I give you enough chances to click the link yet?  If not, here’s where you can hear my be a STAR WARS REPORTER for Hyperspace PodBlast!  Also, you get to hear me INTERVIEW KALIE!  As if you needed the pot sweetened, Ms. Just Dread-full herself talks all things The Last Jedi with us!

You should check out Hyperspace PodBlast’s site and follow Hyperspace PodBlast on Twitter too for all your wonderful Star Wars needs.

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