7 thoughts on “The Symbiote Makes the Man: Thoughts On Loving Venom

  1. I’m rooting for Flash!! I must confess I don’t like Eddie as the host… He has a weird relationship with the Klyntar. Flash is the only one that can call Venom a friend and be treated as such.

    But, I hope they both team-up and beat Lee for good. That guy is not well… not at all :S

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    1. I’m with you! I’d love to see Flash back with the symbiote. In fact, reading these issues has made me want to go back and read ‘Venom: Space Knight’ and the Guardians of the Galaxy issues with Flash on the team. I’ve never read any of the comics where he’s Venom but now I kind of want to give them a go.

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  2. Howdy Michael,

    I am not a big Venom fan, but the idea of changing a character from pure evil to anti-hero sounds interesting. I do like characters that have layers and dimension.

    Happy New Year,


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    1. I’m intrigued too by the symbiote’s time with Flash. From what I read while researching this piece apparently Flash went a long way to “redeeming” the symbiote and showing it how to truly be a hero and how to live in healthy connection with someone. It could be a powerful story.

      Happy New Year to you too Gary! May your 2018 be filled with blessings!


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