Star Wars in the Classroom

Remember a month ago when Hyperspace PodBlast had Hannah and I on to discuss our Star Wars class?  I know!  It was so fun!  Well Charlotte and Caitlin of Skytalkers: A Star Wars Podcast heard the episode and they invited Hannah and I on their show to talk about our class too!  Yay!  We had so much fun chatting with them and, if you’re in the mood for some great Star Wars banter, you should totally click this link and head on over to Skytalkers to give it a listen.  BONUS – you’ll also learn which five people associated with Star Wars (fictional or real, alive or dead) Hannah and I would invite to a dinner party!!  Um, what are you still doing here?  It’s time to click the link and enjoy the show!

Okay, so if you didn’t just read this on the main page of the blog and actually clicked to see the article, I guess I owe you another cool Star Wars picture like I did the last time around huh?  Alrighty, here you go:

Podcast 2.png

Man, that poor Weequay guard has NO IDEA what’s coming for him.  But I guess that’s kinda what you get when you work for Jabba the Hutt you know? / Photo Credit – Return Of The Jedi

Now, with some gaze time at that great picture out of the way, why not head over to Skytalkers: A Star Wars Podcast to listen to me talk about Star Wars??  I think it would be a fun time for all involved.





5 thoughts on “Star Wars in the Classroom

  1. Michael,

    The Lord bless your classroom and I hope the students appreciate what you have in those lessons. My daughter has a teacher having lessons from the movies as well. She loves it.



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    1. Thank you Gary. As we’ve discussed before, there’s just something that WORKS with pop culture as an inroad to learning. If done right, there’s so much to take away and so much you can learn to see. And there’s nothing like Star Wars :).


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