Deadpool’s Totally Boss Trip To The 80’s

Nancy (of Graphic Novelty² fame) has been on vacation with her family and, as a result, asked if I’d be up for writing a guest post for her blog.  Um, how about YES?!?!?!?  Nancy and Kathleen’s Graphic Novelty² was one of the very first blogs I found as I entered the world of WordPress and blogging and I love their posts.  As a result I couldn’t have been more excited to add something to their catalogue.  My choice?  Well, like a babysitter who lets the kids watch something a little inappropriate while Mom and Dad are out for the night, I figured we’d look at Deadpool!  However, as is always the case when Deadpool’s being written by Cullen Bunn, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars gives us a lot more than just the Merc with a Mouth at his inappropriate best.  Bunn drops Deadpool in the original Secret Wars of the 1980’s and offers another master class on why we’ve come to love and need Deadpool so much.  So maybe you should click over to Graphic Novelty² and check it out?!?  C’mon, it’ll be rad!  I promise.  As a bonus, you can also spend more time perusing all of Nancy and Kathleen’s amazing posts too.  It’s a two-for!  Yay!

9 thoughts on “Deadpool’s Totally Boss Trip To The 80’s

  1. Thank you so much for writing such a rad guest post for our blog! You have definitely made me want to check out Deadpool, especially the Bunn stories! Now I can head back to the beach, knowing our blog is in good hands!

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    1. Aww, thanks Nancy! Like I told you, I was a little nervous writing for you. I just wanted it to be solid for you. I’m glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun writing it too :). Anytime you need me, I’ll be happy to help.

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      1. Ooo, that’s exciting! I can’t wait to read it! Be sure to fully enjoy the blissful peace of vacation though first :). No one wants our political quagmire to ruin family fun time.


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