Wonder Woman…YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

Okay, I shouldn’t be writing right now.  I should be going to bed.  Tomorrow night’s Baccalaureate and Thursday night’s graduation.  And my homeroom kids are graduating!!  Aaaahhh!!  I’ve had these kids for four years and I’m an emotional and nostalgic mess.  I should be in bed.  BUT I just read that Wonder Woman is currently sitting at a superhero-movie-record-setting 97% on Rotten Tomatoes!!!  To give context, the best the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done on Rotten Tomatoes is Iron Man at 94%, The Avengers at 92%, Guardians Of The Galaxy at 91%, and Captain America: Civil War at 90%.  (And nothing the DCEU’s offered has rated “Fresh” so far.)  Now, I make no attempt to hide that I’m a Marvel guy through and through.  I also can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of what the DCEU’s offered so far.  But I want Wonder Woman to hold this place and take this title.  DC deserves this.

Wonder Woman Wins 7

Photo Credit – Wonder Woman

Why am I pulling for Marvel’s would-be competitors here?  It’s not because the DCEU is the underdog in this situation.  To my mind they deserve to be behind.  Marvel invented the shared universe game with Iron Man in 2008 and then built slowly towards The Avengers in 2012.  They created characters we loved who felt like their comic counterparts and placed them in a rich world with ever-increasingly connected stories.  Warner Bros. and DC have been jealous of the box office success of Marvel and have rushed to play catch-up.  As a result, to me anyway, the DCEU’s felt rushed/cluttered/sloppy (Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice) or it has failed to capture the tone and spirit of the character (Man Of Steel (although I did think Suicide Squad was a lot better than it gets credit for)).  I know they’re trying to be DIFFERENT than Marvel, and that’s fine.  But it’s not really my taste.  Anyway, they want to jump right into the team-up game as fast as possible without giving us any sense of real universe building.  I mean c’mon…we had Suicide Squad, a film comprised entirely of BATMAN VILLAINS before we even had a DCEU Batman MOVIE.  But I’m digressing.  With Wonder Woman the DCEU is giving us something we should’ve had a loooooooong time ago – a female-led superhero movie.  For that, I hope they’ve done the story of Wonder Woman justice and created a legitimate hit around a female character.  And Marvel can suck it.

Wonder Woman Wins 5

Photo Credit – Wonder Woman

DC deserves this win.  There is NO REASON Marvel shouldn’t have beaten DC to the punch here years ago, outside of blatant sexism.  I say this with much love in my heart for the MCU but it’s total bullshit.  Next year, when Avengers: Infinity War comes out, it will mark TEN YEARS of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there’s no reason they shouldn’t have had several female-led superhero movies in that time.  Scarlett Johansson has been saying for years that she’d be up for a Black Widow solo movie.  Marvel’s also introduced the Scarlet Witch into the MCU.  Plus, they have a huge roster of incredible female characters they should give the big screen treatment to.  What about Captain Marvel?!?  Yes, yes, I know we’re getting a Captain Marvel movie in 2019 with Brie Larson.  But 2019?!?  Captain Marvel is one of Marvel’s most exciting characters!  What world are we living in where anyone really thought we needed an Ant Man movie before Captain Marvel?  They even opened up the cosmic end of the MCU in 2014 with Guardians Of The Galaxy!  Bringing Captain Marvel in shortly after would allow the Guardians corner of the MCU to grow and keep it all from being so Avengers-centric.

Wonder Woman Wins 6

Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

AND we can’t overlook that Marvel’s only getting to the FIRST Captain Marvel movie after they will have made THREE films apiece for the Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers series and TWO films apiece for Guardians and Ant Man.  They are also kicking off the Dr. Strange and Black Panther franchises before they let Carol Danvers have her moment in the sun.  They will have made TWENTY SUPERHERO MOVIES before they had ONE starring a female superhero.  Take a second to let that sink in.

But it’s not just Captain Marvel they’ve overlooked.  What about Ms. Marvel or Squirrel Girl or Mockingbird or Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat or Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur or She-Hulk or how about spinning Rescue out of the Iron Man films or Crystal and Medusa highlighting the Inhumans already or even someone newer like Singularity or America Chavez??  Why have none of these movies come out yet??  It’s not like Marvel can say these characters are too little known either because they’re already building franchises out of Dr. Strange and Ant Man.  Hell, the strength of the MCU is what they were able to build since Fox had the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four while Sony had Spider-Man.  As far as I’m concerned the best movie they’ve made, hands down, has been Guardians Of The Galaxy – a team I literally didn’t know existed before I started seeing the trailers with characters I’d never heard of (save Gamora).  So, Marvel Studios works wonders with their lesser known characters.  They’ve spun them into box office gold and followed the movies’ success with new exciting comic series featuring the same characters.  They can easily do the same with any of the women I mentioned above.

All Kevin Feige and the people over at Marvel Studios will say is it’s all about “timing” and they really want to make sure they “get it right” because the character “deserves” that.  Well, you know what?  Fuck that.  They’re lying.  It has everything to do with putting female characters on the back burner and offering bullshit excuses as they do it.  For all the missteps the DCEU has made in its rush to catch-up to Marvel, they are at least aware of Wonder Woman’s importance in the DC Trinity and are treating her as the central character she is by putting her in the spotlight.  And for that, yeah, I absolutely hope they do kick Marvel’s ass.  Because Marvel deserves to have their asses handed to them here.  Wonder Woman is important.  She deservedly stands alongside Superman and Batman in cultural clout and comic narrative importance.  And both DC and Warner Bros. are giving her the attention she deserves.  In fact, we are getting the Wonder Woman movie BEFORE the Justice League movie and before A SOLO DCEU BATMAN MOVIE.  Let that sink in too.  For decades DC and Warner Bros. have only banked on the Bat, with Supes showing up from time to time.  But they are moving Wonder Woman into the spotlight where she belongs.  They believe in a strong, fascinating, important female character, something Marvel apparently a) doesn’t know how to do, b) doesn’t believe in themselves, or c) isn’t brave enough to do.

Wonder Woman Wins 4

Photo Credit – Wonder Woman

Okay, yes, Warner Bros. hasn’t been marketing Wonder Woman the way they should have.  They’ve dumped more into advertising for November’s Justice League than they have Wonder Woman which comes out FRIDAY.  And yes, in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman was allllll over the advertisements and played a comparatively small role in the movie.  But at least they are giving her a solo movie.  And if the early critical acclaim proves true, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and company have knocked this one out of that park!  This is as much about giving comic fans what we all deserve to see (a classic character brought to the big screen) as it is about social justice (fighting for and believing in equality between women and men).  The idea that female superheroes aren’t as exciting or don’t market as well or whatever is all just bullshit.  It’s a blatant sign of sexism that undercuts and undervalues incredible characters as well as women in general.  Wonder Woman may very well be the one to deliver us from this evil.  As the tagline for the film promises, justice begins with her.

Wonder Woman Wins 9

Photo Credit – Wonder Woman

So, yes, I’ll say it publicly and I’ll say it proudly.  Marvel Studios, you’ve dropped the ball.  You’ve done it for far too long.  I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it embarrasses me as a fan and as human being.  You can sell whatever P.R. line you want but we all know that’s all it is – a line.  DC and Warner Bros. have bested you here.  And you deserve to lose.  I hope Wonder Woman‘s every bit as incredible as the advance reviewers have said.  I hope fans flock to it and I hope it crushes the box office too.  Wonder Woman, as a character, deserves it.  We, as comic fans, deserve it too.  And Marvel, maybe you need to be knocked from your pedestal for a moment or two.  Maybe you need to rethink your approach.  It would be the most wonderfully poetic turn of events if it was the once awkward DCEU and a female superhero who were the ones to knock you down too.  Maybe then, wrapped in a lasso of truth forged of box office returns and critic and fan praise alike, you’ll finally have to acknowledge what you’ve been wrong about all along and you’ll actually start to see just how powerful female superheroes can be.

Wonder Woman Wins 8

C’mon Wonder Woman!  You can be the salvation we need! / Photo Credit – Wonder Woman

36 thoughts on “Wonder Woman…YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

  1. I agree with you completely.

    First, the DC Cinematic Universe. I don’t think it is deserves the seriously harsh criticism it has received thus far with the films prior to Wonder Woman. Though not amazing, Suicide Squad was a great springboard for me, a DC novice, into the world of Batman’s rogue gallery. BvS introduced the Trinity to the silver screen which, though slightly rushed, was still great. I’m really glad Wonder Woman has received a fresh rating because A) DC really needed a win and B) Wonder Woman is a great character.

    In relation to female-led superhero films, yes. Just yes. When you consider how many films Marvel have released, it is truly shocking. We did have Agent Carter for 2 seasons and Jessica Jones is doing well but, in terms of representation, it’s nothing short of rubbish. Marvel have already introduced some great female characters that could be explored through their own films. How Natasha became Black Widow would be amazing, the Red Room would be a really interesting focal point. Scarlet Witch could go on journey of self discovery, exploring life without her brother and what she can do with her powers. There is so much they could do, what’s taking them so long?

    I would love a Kamala Khan film (Though I think a TV show would be better. More Kamala to begin with and it would provide such a wonderful insight into Muslim culture, something I believe could be great in breaking down barriers). However, Ms Marvel is far from the only strong female character out there. She-Hulk, Spider Woman, Kate Bishop, Ironheart and Viv Vision. A small fraction of fab characters who could carry a film/ TV series. Marvel need to up their game or fear losing out big time. The world contains more than just white males, fair representation shouldn’t even be questioned in this day and age.

    As ever, excellent post.

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    1. I can’t believe I haven’t replied to this yet! Sorry for the lag – I was a bit all over the place with graduation and I must’ve thought I replied but never actually typed it up. Anyway…

      I think you’re right and, given the option, I’d rather see Kamala in a TV series too. You’re right – her world is so rich it would be perfect for the constant exploration and development a TV series could give. And maybe TV would be better for her. As you pointed out, while still not where they should be Marvel is certainly doing better with representation in it’s TV universe with ‘Jessica Jones” being the second Netflix series they did and those seasons of ‘Agent Carter.’ Basically, I’ll take Kamala on a big or little screen just so long as they do her justice!

      I also agree with your take on the DCEU. While I will say ‘Batman v. Superman’ was rough for me, I really thought ‘Suicide Squad’ was a lot better than it received credit for. Maybe I liked it more than some hardcore fans because, like you, I’m a DC newbie? I don’t know. Either way, I think it was a fun film in its own way.

      Thankfully Wonder Woman got the film she deserved! I couldn’t be more in love with that movie and I’ve already seen it twice. Hopefully, in addition to raising the bar for what a superhero movie can be, she opens the door for more female-led superhero films in the very near future. Like you said, equal representation shouldn’t even be a question in 2017. Go Wonder Woman!

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    1. Well, thank you, although I’m not sure I’d agree. You were writing as a hardcore, love her forever in-the-marrow-of-your-bones fan. So I think your excitement was the natural expression of the news. However, knowing you’re such a Wonder Woman fan, I’m honored you loved this post!

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  2. I have seen 2 unfavourable reviews thus far.
    Mrs B had to prod me awake TWICE during the gloomy dross of BS, so gave Suicide Squid a miss

    Altho I recognise and can appreciate she holds iconic status in comics lore, her Lasso Of Truth and Invisible Jet dissuade me from developing any interest – tried two of her BA back ishs, but alas, they remain at th bottom of th box…
    As for th movie – will probably wait to rent th DVD – if that

    If u watch th movie, hope u enjoy it!

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    1. The movie was BRILLIANT. I have no real experience with her comics myself but I’m in love with the film. I hope it’s ‘Wonder Woman’ (not ‘Batman v. Superman’ (I totally agree with you on that one too) or ‘Man Of Steel’) sets the tone for the DCEU going forward. If it does, then Marvel’s going to finally have some serious competition in the superhero movie business!

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      1. Wow, u’ve seen it already! Cld u recommend it to Brad? I am still undecided whether I should…
        What is th script like? I am especially keen to find out how it develops – not so keen of changing her back story to th First World War so as not to clash w Captain America’s!

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      2. Honestly, that was my immediate thought when I heard about the movie – that they were trying to avoid comparisons to Cap (while knicking his story idea anyway). But I never once thought of Cap through the whole film! I had read an interview with Patty Jenkins who said they changed the origin, in part, to speak to our times as the major driving cause of WWI was the growth of nationalism, which is clearly a damaging problem now too. Then they also wanted to explore the birth of the mechanical age of warfare and chemical weapons and all that too, as the ability to kill from a distance has shaped our sense of war more and more since WWI.

        I was very impressed with the script. I fell in love with Diana’s character immediately and to me the entire cast felt rich, real, and fully fleshed out. It felt more like a drama than Marvel’s brand of snarktastic comedy but a drama in a solid, organic way. There was also a lot of humor, a bit of romance, and above all I found it to feel very inspirational. It wasn’t dark, dour, or oppressive at all. I really look for that in my superhero movies – inspiration. So, personally, I give it my highest recommendation.

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      3. Thank u for a most enlightening Comment!
        Relieved to learn that th DCU have replaced their dark dross formula and produced something inspirational for once!
        Now all I have to do is make th time to go watch it!

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      4. Well, I’m sure it will be exciting, entertaining, and inspiring whenever you find the time – be it in the theatres or later on DVD. But, I will say I think it’s time well spent! It’s great that DC realized and embraced the power of optimism. Yay!

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      5. Yay!
        Speaking of exciting, entertaining and inspiring, thot u might like to know that Part 1 of th latest Fartlighter Bradventure went up last night. Part 2 will drop any minute now!
        Thanks for th WW recommendation – their will definitely be a Review for that… some time

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      6. The newest chapter?!? Yay! I’m finally on summer vacation, with final exam grading officially behind me. This is exactly the sort of reading I’m looking to kick off the frivolities of summer. Woo hoo!

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      7. Summer vacation – two of th loveliest words in th language!
        Escape w Brad – on a roll w this fiction @ th mo, amigo! Ironically, put th novel on hold so I can develop this!
        Just as I’m upgrading to work on longer formats, another friend suggested: why not make it a graphic novel…! So, pencils out for Summer!!

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      8. Thanks, amigo
        Recently revived my artwork, so eager to see what happens – need to work out what some characters will look like, so some artwork (especially from th archives shld b going up on my site pretty soon!
        Enjoy your vacation!

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  3. Hello Michael,

    Yes you got that right. They did a great job with portraying Wonder Woman. Thinking about Gal Gadot’s Jewish ancestry it put a whole new significance to her seeing the suffering of WW1. I think D.C. does really try and add depth to the characters they are developing. We have seen a deeper Superman who is weak emotionally. We see Batman’s compassion towards letting Superman be villanized. Now we totally see Wonder With man and who she is under that beautiful woman.

    Great points and maybe both D.C. And Marvel will keep trying to do each other. We get to sit back and enjoy the show. No one has a monopoly on super heroes anymore.



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    1. You’re absolutely right Gary – as long as Marvel and DC keep putting out fun, thoughtful superhero films we’re the ones we get to enjoy it.

      DC is really starting to find it’s footing and, as you said, they are working to build some layered characters. Gal Gadot was brilliant! She was so perfect and she heralds an exciting future for superhero movies in general and the DCEU in particular.


  4. I totally agree about Marvel needing a female lead movie! I’l admit , i’ve never really read any DC comics, i’m very much a marvel kind of girl, however i’m happy that we finally have a female lead superhero movie. WE NEED CAPTAIN MARVEL NOW, NOT IN 2019. I’m not a massive Black Widow fan, but it would be cool to have a movie about her. Great post btw, maybe check out my blog?

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  5. Also, I love how you have Kamala as your main picture thingy(sorry i dunno what it’s called, a header?), as a muslim comic book fan it always makes me really happy when people are also Ms Marvel fans.

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    1. I’m with you! Ms. Marvel was the character that actually pulled me back to reading comics after a seventeen year break. I kept reading articles about this brilliant new Muslim superhero and I had to know more about her. My girlfriend got me the first trade for Christmas a few years ago and I was at my comic shop the next day buying more. I think she’s one of the best comics out now and one of the best I’ve ever read.

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  6. I think that Wonder Woman is a more universally known character and has been easier to transition to the big screen in a solo movie. I’m not a comic book reader but I did watch Saturday morning cartoons and the Wonder Woman series when I was a kid; my wife doesn’t really like these comic book movies but she knows Wonder Woman. So I think it has been harder for Marvel to find a female character that could hold her own and in a movie, at least out the gate. But now I completely agree with you in that the a Marvel female character could hold her own, in fact I love your idea about black widow. I think that would be a fantastic movie, but I wouldn’t have a few years ago because of my ignorance about all these characters, who I now know and have come to love. Hey if Antman can have a movie black widow should get one! I think besides the Christian Bale batman movies Wonder Woman has been the most superior of the D.C. movies.

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    1. You’re so right! If Ant-Man is getting a movie than there’s no reason they aren’t giving some other more obscure characters the spotlight. It’s funny to think that before 2014 the Guardians of the Galaxy were a little known team too.

      I agree with you about Wonder Woman’s place in the DC movie canon too. I’d even say I liked it more than Nolan’s Batman movies just because, when push comes to shove, I’ll always take a “brighter” message/tone over a “darker” one. Although I do think Nolan’s Batman movies are artistically brilliant!


  7. I think I enjoyed them s bit more just because you got a feel for how batman became batman all the way through to him being that older, beat up batman that eventually has to hang up the cape

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    1. Yeah, what Nolan did with those three films was brilliant – ‘The Dark Knight’ especially was a work of art. Now that we’re in the age of interconnected movie universes, it’s a nice reminder of what can be done when you let a character just be by themselves. I’d say, for me personally, Christian Bale is who I think of as my “definitive” Batman. They just did SO MUCH with those films. It was wonderful.


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