My Comic Relief One Year Celebration

By Green Onion

Happy blogging birthday! Bloggoversary! One year milestone! Whatever you want to call it, today My Comic Relief has been active for a whole year. Congratulations Michael, the rookie season is over.

Hey everybody, I am Green Onion. Surprisingly this is my first appearance on My Comic Relief, not to say that I haven’t been around. One year ago I launched my own blog a week apart from Michael. You could say we are blogging twins (I wouldn’t, but you could if you wanted). As our respective bloggoversaries approached I found myself trying to find a way to celebrate, without writing a lengthy piece about myself. The answer: writing a lengthy piece on my blogging twin (I guess I said it, that didn’t take long). The thing is, Michael and My Comic Relief have been a major part of my overall blogging experience. We discovered one another’s blogs early. The specifics of who found whom is now lost to history. But, at the time each of us had only a few posts published. Which was enough to gain a mutual respect, for how nerdy we are. I remember resonating with the first post on My Comic Relief and I suppose that is where we should start. An origin story.

Why am I Blogging? (May 17, ‘016) The birth of My Comic Relief. A vital read for any fan of Michael’s blog. In the post, Michael pours out his love of comic books, and movies. His borderline obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A lifelong love affair with Spider-Man stemming from pre-literacy, when his mother read him the brightly coloured books at a young age (that’s super cute and I hope they still do that). The familiar struggle of staying connected to the geek world as he grew up. Most importantly, that undying need that all of us bloggers resonate with, to discuss all of the things we love. Okay, there may be thousands of posts like this out there but, what stands out for me, and Michael’s loyal followers, is the strong mix of passion and intelligence. He oozes emotion and excitement in everything that he has written and it was evident from day one.

It is also important to note, that despite My Comic Relief being a one man show, it wouldn’t exist without a couple other amazing bloggers. Michael’s good friend Jeff @ Imperial Talker (one of the most fun Star Wars blogs on the net) and Michael’s wonderful partner, and sweetheart of the horror blogger scene, Kalie @ Just Dread-Full. Both were influential in reinvigorating his passion for comic books, and both featured his writing before he became the big shot, My Comic Relief. If it was not for Kalie’s pushing, the site may never have happened, and Michael would be somewhere in without-a-blog-ville, wondering what exactly was missing from his life.

Right from the start- by start I mean the first day- My Comic Relief began putting up these long, insightful posts on comics, and his return to being a regular at his local comic book store, the now infamous Books Galore. It still blows my mind that Michael can write such long posts, often his word count ends up larger than the comic he’s supposed to be reviewing. I try to keep up with everything he puts out but, if I fall behind, even by a few posts, I have to set my book aside for the night knowing I may have an hour of reading to do. It’s not that I don’t appreciate these entertaining, insightful posts, but come on Mike can’t you give us a couple posts that we can finish in one bathroom break. It has happened to me a couple times that I have had to extend my toilet time because I can’t stop reading. And then my legs fall asleep, and everyone’s yelling at me to get out- it’s a mess.

That is something I am willing to do for my friend, take extra long bathroom time.

In the beginning Michael and I bonded over our love for comics specifically Ninja Turtles, Batman, and of course Spider-Man. And the two of us would get into many a banter about geek-dom. There was another piece of that puzzle, a third blog that built this Holy Comic-blog Trinity, Graphic Novelty², operated by Nancy and Kathleen. I call it the Holy Trinity because much like the DC version, My Comic Relief and Graphic Novelty² are super powered powerhouses of well thought out, intriguing comic blogs, hosted by educated, intelligent people. Superman and Wonder Woman. While I had to rely on my belt full of gimmicks and tricks to try and keep up (that’s the only time I will ever compare myself to Batman, I am not the Batman of blogging (Michael is the Superman though)). The three of us built a strong blogging clique, and soon our Justice League grew. I asked a few of our friends if they would like to send My Comic Relief a congratulations on his first Bloggoversarry. They said “who?”… Just kidding, here’s a couple messages for you, on your big day Michael:

Michael is one of the nicest most sincere people that I have met online. His site is fantastic and I have had the privilege to write for it in relation to my passion for DC comics. He has also paid us the honour of writing for on Star Wars Marvel. As well as being a great guy, he is simultaneously an awful influence on my bank balance. Single handily persuading me back to Marvel comics via his posts on Ms Marvel, Marvel titles now equal my DC purchases. This is primarily due to the My Comic Relief site and its highlighting of great work by the Marvel crew. Michael and myself are both big Woody Allen fans (as well as big Dylan and Springsteen fans) so to paraphrase Woody (or maybe that should be Groucho Marx?), “I definitely want to be part of any club that has someone like Michael as a member”. Here’s to Michael! Here’s to My Comic Relief!

Andrew @

Michael of My Comic Relief is a really cool guy. He comments on our blog all the time… he’s got 101 comments – that’s only 40 behind me, and it’s half my own blog! … Is it a competition now??? I WON’T LET YOU WIN, MICHAEL 8D It feels like Michael has been part of our blog from the get-go. Nancy and I are always happy to get (yet another) of his (endless) comments, which are always so (long-winded) thoughtful and enthusiastic! His knowledge, friendship, and support has been a bright spot on our blog since the beginning, and we are grateful for and appreciative of it. Thank you for all you’ve done for us and for many other bloggers out there! Happy 1 Year! ❤

Kathleen @ Graphic Novelty²

Michael and I have been following each other on WordPress for just two months, so in many ways we’re still getting to know each other. On Twitter, Michael is an awesome dance partner and an integral member of our little dance troupe (you know who you are the rest of you!! 😀). I want to wish Michael all success in his blogging, say congrats on the 1st anniversary, and look forward to catching up again soon either on the Twitter dance floor or WP.


Ford @ The Vintage Toy Advertiser

I have read almost all of Michael’s work, all the guest posts, all the American Resistance series (despite me being Canadian), and anything else he is willing to share. I say almost because there is one post that I have been afraid to read: Gasp… the story of how I’ve come to enjoy DC more than Marvel, Apr 1, ‘017. This may have been his idea of an April Fool’s Joke. But that’s not funny, and I don’t wanna hear it. Anyways… seriously? DC over Marvel? Seriously, that better be a joke, maybe one day I’ll have the guts to check. Anyways, as something of a My Comic Relief connoisseur, and a fan of top 10 lists, I thought I would quickly share my Top 10 My Comic Relief Posts:

10) I ALWAYS know who I’m Gonna Call!, June 6, ‘016

9) Logan – Elegy to an Era, Mar. 21, ‘017

8) What Scares us? My First Fright – Ghostbusters 2, Jul. 13, ‘016 (Guest Post on Just Dread-Full, also What Scares Us?: My First Fright Is a great series featuring many bloggers)

7) Making My Peace With The Force Awakens, Apr. 25, ‘017

6) Ms. Marvel: Faith, Family, and Fandom, Jun. 14, ‘016

5) The Killing Joke: The Horror Genre’s Greatest Unclaimed Masterpiece, Jul. 26, ‘016 (Guest post on Just Dread-Full)

4) Mockingbird (and Chelsea Cane) Deserve Better, Oct. 27, ‘016

3) The Seussical Side of Social Justice, Nov. 22, ‘016 (Guest post on a little site known as The Green Onion Blog)

2) A Lifelong Love Affair with Spider-Man, May 31, ‘016

1) A Beautiful Rebirth, June 3,016

If you have read any of those posts you know exactly why Michael is considered such a passionate blogger. That is not where it ends though. This guy will read through every post he can, and get into conversations about, well, everything. Michael’s long winded writing on My Comic Relief spills out over his blog and he is a presence everywhere. It is hard to find a post that Michael hasn’t commented on. It has become an ongoing joke in my house that no matter what, I can rely on Michael J. Miller to like and leave comments. My girlfriend Jenn was starting to worry that he may be a stalker, and I had to reassure her that he really was genuinely that nice of a guy (thanks for not being an internet wierdo). So now, if we are chatting about what I posted last, Jenn will usually ask “what did Michael J. Miller have to say?” In which I will have to reply “I have more than one friend, Jenn!” I did get talking about this with our blogging friends, and all of them confirmed that Michael was at least one of their top 3 commenters. Kathleen already confirmed that he has over 100 comments on Graphic Novelty². He tops my commenters at 77. Another 100+ on My Side of the Laundry Room. He is everywhere! When do you have time for this? And then there is Michael’s real world friend…

Michael, you have only left 44 comments on my site but that is okay because we just talk on the phone about the shit I write.


Jeff @ Imperial Talker

Michael, I think you owe Jeff some comments. Or you know, 60ish. The ComicBooger appreciates your comments so much he made you a poem-

“The Key”

Just like the dark & light sides must coexist,

Just like to questions,

we seek answers to bliss,

Balance is key,

forgiveness must not flee,

Because when there is a fight,

Apologies must never die out,

Here is mine,

I hope you take it this one to heart,

So a new horizon may always come out.

Olaf Lesniak @ComicBooger

The year outside our bloggosphere has been a crazy one. We have seen some amazing comic book movies, and Suicide Squad. Star Wars blew us away with Rogue One, and all The Last Jedi news. And some major comic book news, like Captain America’s shift to the dark side. My Comic Relief has been there for it all, with his well-informed, educated opinions. When the Chelsea Cane feminist t-shirt fiasco hit, Michael was able to narrate all of my feelings before I understood them. When Snoke theories were rumoured to suck, Jeff and Michael tag teamed the pretentious Star Wars fans into their rightful places. Besides all of the nerd debates of the past year, something terrible happened. The worst thing imaginable. Lex Luthor, a.k.a Trump became the- I still don’t feel comfortable saying it so I’ll call him- space-taco of the United States. I often joke around about this, it’s easier as a Canadian. But, I hope that if an evil James Bond villain became space-taco of my country, I’d be able to face it as tactfully as Michael has.

The New American Resistance series was quite the commentary change on My Comic Relief. Taking a strong political stand, Michael has shown us the man he is. A man that cares about his community and nation. He knows, as small as his posts may be, he is doing what he can, voicing his opinion, and getting people engaged. And even if he gets one person to make a phone call to stand up for healthcare or environmental protection, that’s one phone call, he’s doing his part to cause an impact. Good for you Michael, just another reason so many of us hold such respect for you. All I did was make fun of his golden showers.

Happy one year anniversary to US, Michael’s blogging comrades, who have enjoyed a year of his friendship, enthusiastic comments and kindness! Our blog started just a few months prior to Michael’s so almost from the very beginning Michael has been part of our blogging journey. There are a few blogs out there that I consider must reads, and his is the top of the list. His posts are authentic, thoughtful and real, as are his comments that he shares with us on our blogs. He often addresses a subject in such an intelligent way that I am impressed and kinda jealous I didn’t think of it myself. His lengthy posts always keep my attention, especially his New American Resistance series. His passion about issues facing the American public are so heartfelt and researched very carefully, that I end up spending a lot of time reading his links about taking action. His posts are an inspiration for us all to take steps to better our nation. On the flip side, Michael has quite a sense of humor with his cosplay outfits for movies and his Twitter dance party moves. Michael has truly become a friend, and Kathleen and I have been blessed to have him be such a big part of our blog! xo

Nancy @ Graphic Novelty² 

Oh yes! Thank you Nancy. The cosplay… shall we talk about the cosplay. Every time My Comic Relief shares an image of his latest cosplay in the classroom, all I can think is: “those poor children”. What would you think if you were in school and one of your teachers randomly showed up to class dressed as a Jedi, or Wolverine, or Star Lord. I mean, I remember if a teacher showed up in a silly tie I’d be watching the door to make sure none of my friends saw that I was in the class. I can feel for those kids. And poor Kalie. Poor, poor Kalie, she has to go out in public with his get ups. I kid, I think it’s awesome, especially a country apart. I think it is so awesome I’ve come up with a list of costumes Mr. Miller should show up in class wearing next:

10) Dr. Octopus

9) Abu from Aladdin

8) Gandalf the Grey

7) Captain Underpants

6) Howard the Duck

5) Barf from Space Balls

4) Hulk Hogan

3) Green Onion

2) A Ninja Turtle, but he should wear the same one his grandmother made him as a kid. Tiny backpack and all.

1) Squirrel Girl

Michael, I encouraged you to start a comic book blog, both because your passion for the subject matter was evident, and because I reasoned that maybe if you had a place to write about your love of comics, I wouldn’t have to shoulder so much of the burden myself, if you know what I mean :).  Alas, starting your own comic blog has made you more talkative about the subject matter, not less (sometimes brilliant ideas backfire), but I always appreciate your insight and enthusiasm, and your energy motivates me to spend more time and attention on my own writing (which, by the way, you’ve always been super supportive and encouraging about.)  I love all of your pieces, but find your passion for social justice and the knowledge you exude in your New American Resistance writing particularly inspiring.  I will say, you’ve only commented on my blog 40 times (translation, the least out of everyone in this tribute) but I’m willing to overlook your neglect since I write about a different genre and we spend plenty of time talking about horror when the movie’s over.  May your second year of blogging be even more successful than your (incredibly successful) first year.  Happy first blog-birthday! 

Kalie @ Just Dread-full

Whatever Michael gets up to, he approaches it with enthusiasm. His passion and excitement are contagious. His posts and comments have inspired many bloggers to look at their favourite books, comics, and movies in a different light. We’re lucky to have him in our blogging circle. A genuinely positive, and good natured person, that has been kind enough to share his knowledge, and excitement. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next year!


First off, Happy One Year Anniversary to My Comic Relief. I still find it very surprising that it has only been one year since you began your journey in the crazy world of blogging. In that year you have written a plethora of insightful, intelligent, and emotional articles that have captivated, educated, and entertained me and hundreds of others across the world. Thank you.

Secondly, you are the biggest fan of the medium of blogging (or so it would seem). You are one of the most thoughtful, caring, and supportive people I have ever met and you pass those traits on to me and others within our blogging-sphere. There are definitely days where your kind comments and strong support have lifted my spirits and in an act of selfishness I know I can reach out to you when I need to hear an encouraging word. You have become a great friend to me and I know a lot of us can say that because of who you are. You are a beacon of positivity and awesomeness that shares his soul freely.

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your first year. Here’s to many more years to come. Thank you for simply being you.

Rob @ My Side of the Laundry Room

Thanks, Michael, you are one of my favourite booknerds, and a great virtual-friend. Happy bloggoversarry! Cheers to many more years!

I’d like to end by saying: FACE! I totally just smashed your word count record, and I only needed like 8 other bloggers to help me! Face-y face!… Face!

Green @ The Green Onion Blog


[Michael’s Note:  What do I even say??  What a beautiful surprise – especially with everyone commenting!  I feel so special, all warm and fuzzy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed to this post and to everyone who’s stopped by this blog regularly or in passing over this last year.  To know that people are interested in perusing my thoughts is a special feeling.  I was excited to start blogging but I had no idea how rewarding it could be – especially because of the relationships I’ve formed.  And, on that note, THANK YOU to the man, the myth, the legend himself – Green Onion.  You’ve done it again sir…you’re one of a kind.  With that, I’ve got nothing else to say.  You’ve left me speechless!  So here’s to YEAR TWO.  WOO HOO!!]

38 thoughts on “My Comic Relief One Year Celebration

  1. Happy Blogger Birthday! I recall the phone call where you told me you were gonna start a blog. Was I surprised? No, not really. I knew it would happen eventually.

    Keep up the great writing and maybe leave a few more comments on my site 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Also, I have a blogger birthday gift for you buuuuuuut you will end up getting it when your actual birthday comes around….crap, when is your real birthday again? Muawahahahahaha but no, seriously, I have a gift for you. I think you will like it and, if you don’t, whatever you still have to unwrap it and pretend to like it.

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      1. Also Also Also, I will have the Deadpool post done for you soon. Patience, Viceroy, she will die. Wait, that isn’t the right reference. Or is it? Crap. I think it is pretty neat that Lucas used Viceroy in Star Wars. I wish I was a Viceroy. It just sounds fancy.

        Anywho, Deadpool. Soon. I. Promise.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That will be a day long remembered! Also, I can start calling you Viceroy of you like. I bet Kalie won’t make fun of us at all either (since it sounds so regal) when she hears me say, “Hey Viceroy” when you call.

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      3. Wait…did I give you YOUR birthday present?!?!? I was all crazy getting ready for Italy and now I don’t remember if I mailed it to you?!? AAAHH!! I probably didn’t…or did I?! Now I don’t know! I might need to mail you something…

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    2. I feel I have to start either a) writing down my observations when we talk on the phone to put on your blog or b) save my good insights from the phone calls to put on the blog. Either way, yes, I’ve been guilted into commenting more.

      And thanks for the blog birthday wishes my friend!

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  2. Happy Blog-Birthday Michael! All the praise is well deserved and I personally want to thank you for all the enlightening, fantastic conversations we have shared this past year. They are honestly a highlight of my day. Here’s to another brilliant year!!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m still having to wait for my issues to arrive (Monthly ordering’s one downfall) but they should hopefully be with me at a time where I can justify binge reading them on one sitting.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think about that when I read your stuff. On the one hand, waiting would make me antsy. BUT on the other hand, it would make for the BEST DAY EVER to just sit down with a month’s worth of comics and binge-read them all. I think it would be especially fun with stories like Secret Empire too!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is true. I’m trying my very hardest to avoid spoilers. So far I’ve managed to dodge all but one spoiler so it’ll have a greater impact when I read them. I must admit, I am looking forward to reading 3 issues and the Uprising one shot in one sitting, plus a tie-in issue of one my regulars. Bliss.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Is the Uprising one shot written by Nick Spencer or another author? I can’t remember. I’m with you on spoilers though! With the internet there is soooo much to be wary of. I just wrote a post on Secret Empire but I did it with absolutely no spoilers. The story is too good to ruin anything!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Uprising is written by Derek Landy. The other two are different writers as well. Underground is being written by Jeremy Whitley and United by Jim Zub (On a related note, I gave in to temptation and have ordered all 3). I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle the dynamic, extreme situation the MU is currently in.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. YES! I’m glad you’re getting all three. As we discussed, I’m totally waiting for your review before I go get them myself. (Although, to be fair, they are tempting me all on their own…)

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  3. This was a lovely tribute about you Michael, and that so many people participated, is a credit to you!

    Plus, I LOVED that my blog was included in the “Holy Comic-blog Trinity” with you & GO. Kathleen & I are then Wonder Woman²!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats, Michael!
    And What a Relief! Thank u so much for creating this bright and snazzy sector of th blogosphere
    Wishing u many more groovy yrs, amigo!
    I doff me cap and raise a glass

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