Happy Birthday to The Green Onion Blog!!!

Today is a very special day on the interweb.  Can you feel it?  Can you feel the excitement mounting?!  It’s all because Green Onion’s blog turns one year old today!  Awww, yay!!!  To mark this magic moment (please read those last three words with the Drifter’s tune playing in your head), as well as my own blog turning one year old next week (woo!!), Green suggested we write guest posts for each other!  This way we can take over the other’s blog in honor of the birthday and look back at our first year in the wacky world of WordPress and the birth of a blogging buddy bromance.  As I thought about his idea, the immortal words of Dr. Peter Venkman immediately came to mind, “I love this plan!  I’m excited to be a part of it!”  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to THE GREEN ONION BLOG!!!  All that’s left is to click here and bounce over to Green’s site where you can read my guest post celebrating all things Green Onion.  The birthday celebration is underway!!


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Green Onion Blog!!!

  1. Jenn just read your post, she cried when you talked about my family. She loves that that is an overall theme you feel. Also she said if you come here we can have a campout in the back yard. It be sweet! We could get flashlights and comics, play games and eat marshmellows!

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    1. First, I’m so touched about Jenn’s reaction. It was important to me to include that as it’s such a natural (and moving) part of your writing. Second, I AM SO IN for the campout sometime. That would be epic! Tell Jenn thanks and that’s a great idea!!

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