“By The Power Of Grayskull…”

So Rob invited me to do a guest post for his brilliant site My Side Of The Laundry Room.  I was so excited!  I love Rob’s work and the way he walks us through his memories of everything fantastic and geektastic from his youth, bringing the past alive in authentic, hilarious, and poignant ways.  In so doing, he illustrates both the power and importance of memories in shaping who we are and the fun we can find when we bring the past into the present.  So what would I write about?  Well it had to be He-Man.  I loved He-Man growing up!!!!  When it comes to He-Man I…well, for anything else you’ll have to click over to Rob’s site.  This ended up being one of the most personal and rewarding pieces I’ve written so I’d appreciate your bouncing over to give it a read.  I hope you enjoy it!

Grayskull 1

Photo Credit – He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe

Okay, here’s a bonus (and exciting!!!) picture of He-Man riding Battle Cat from the theme song of He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe.  As an added bonus, this is also the featured image Rob has on the piece!  Look at us making connections.  I figured anyone who actually clicked the link to read the rest of this post before clicking over to Rob’s site deserved a little extra He-Man for their time.  Okay, now why don’t you go read my post on My Side Of The Laundry Room?!?!?  Seriously, if you don’t read Rob’s site (like all the time) you totally should :).


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