GASP…the story of how I’ve come to enjoy DC more than Marvel!

Okay…this is a big one.  This is a post I never thought I’d write.  The simple idea of saying I’ve come to love DC comics more than Marvel comics is something that makes the seven-year-old version of myself cringe and feel betrayed.  It’s something that the thirty-four-year-old version of me has a hard time believing too.  But…here we are.  I couldn’t hold back any longer.  This is just something I have to say.  Are you ready?

APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!  Hahaha, sorry, I couldn’t resist.  There’s nobody like Marvel for me!  Sure, I do enjoy some DC titles but I’m still a Marvel guy through and through!!  As long as they keep up their focus on fun, brightness, and direct push for social justice, inclusion, and diversity, they’ll always be my favorite.  Anyway, the idea for this little post came to me as I was grading a big stack of papers so I figured, before I went back to that big stack of papers, I’d throw this up.

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!  And make mine Marvel :).

April Fool's 8

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and co.!! / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

April Fool's 6

The ever Amazing Spider-Man / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

April Fool's 7

Ms. Marvel / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

April Fool's 9

The Black Panther! / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

April Fool's 5

Annnnd…the rest of the gang. / Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

21 thoughts on “GASP…the story of how I’ve come to enjoy DC more than Marvel!

  1. I was just telling my husband how strange it is to me that even though I think of myself as a DC girl because I grew up with the DCAU, I now have more Marvel comics on my shelves, own more Marvel movies, etc. An existential crisis in the making 😉

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  2. Read this article & immediately came over to MY COMIC RELIEF!

    Marvels numbers have hit this scary low because they try and
    sucker readers into crossover events, & never allow books to
    gain their own momentum. Event Fatigue set in hard, & no
    amount of re-boots & #1s is bringing in the readers. We live
    in an age where digital is the main format. If Companies try
    and charge the same price for digital content as physical it is
    obvious they will fail. It is painful to watch the industry crumble.

    CHAMPIONS is the one thing they have gotten right in this mess.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! After I read that interview I was thinking of doing a post about it – I still might. But you’re right. To charge $3.99 a comic and then interrupt those stories twice a year (at least) for events that exist mainly to sell other books is insulting to the reader and damaging to the creative process.

      But long live CHAMPIONS indeed!

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      1. Going from reading EVERYTHING to reading only Champions has been wild.
        For 3 years now been sending all Avengers & X-Men comics for family to read.

        My Keepers List – The Precious 💍😂 (ALL books with very diverse casts…)

        X-MEN : SUPERNOVAS 💥 (Hardcover) Mike Carey, Chris Bachalo. Nuff Said 💯
        Rogue Leading team, (Mystique, Sabretooth. wait. didn’t they do this recently🤔)

        New Mutants Vol 2- into New X-Men: Academy X – into New X-Men.( + X-23) 💯
        Weir /DeFillipis started this book, & Kyle/Yost graduated it to darker tone. A+++

        Runaways Vol 1 & 2. Brian K Vaughn & Adrian Alopha . Joss Whedon & Ryan.💯
        Our parents are in the illuminati, umm holy crap what do we do next? Next Level.

        Young Avengers Vol 1 & 2. Marvel took time & waited for right fit to re-launch YA.💯

        I have no problem giving Marvel A+ when it’s deserved most definitely. Recently…👎🏻
        Trades will continue to sell well 💰, but the single issue market isn’t looking good 💩.

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      2. I’ve read that their new X-Men relaunch (of the Gold and Blue teams) is supposed to take the X-Men back to basics, fighting for the dream of equality in a world that hates and fears them. It may just be lip service to get fans excited but, if it’s true, it could make the X-Men not just FUN but RELEVANT in a way they haven’t been for a long time. I’ll read the first issue of ‘X-Men: Gold’ tomorrow…and I’m cautiously optimistic. I know for myself, I love the single issues. I like going to the comic shop each week. I like following the story episodically. But the cost (especially as a Catholic school teacher!) doesn’t allow for me to read many titles. I really think, if they’d play around with dropping prices, they’d see more new readers trying titles and established readers trying more titles. There’s at least a half dozen other Marvel titles I’m interested in right now but I can’t fit them into the budget.

        Also, as your list above illustrates, they need to be willing to let creative creators create. Otherwise how will they ever have the chance to develop classic stories that echo through the ages when they keep having to stop every five months for another event? The titles you reference above were bold and allowed to grow and develop too.

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  3. I was optimistic at first for the Gold / Blue Nostalgia.
    Then I saw none of the books had a consistent artist!
    This is bad from issue 1 going to another artist for #2.

    Having an artist alternate arcs is totally normal, but not
    having a mainstay artist on any of your franchise books
    is very worrying. Put Bachalo on Flagship X-Book. duh.

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  4. Hi Michael,

    Funny how things change, right? That is healthy to have competition between Marvel and DC. They keep trying to outdo each other and we the audience reap the benefits.



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    1. I think that’s an amazing way to look at it Gary! There is so much good stuff coming out of both companies right now (on the DC note, I was just told ‘Super Sons’ is hilarious and heartfelt) and I think the competition does help drive that. Well said, as always, my friend.


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