The Killing Joke: The Horror Genre’s Greatest Unclaimed Masterpiece

It’s going to be a big couple of weeks for Batman!  Last night was the one-night-only movie theatre showing of the new animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke and next week his rouge’s gallery takes center stage with the release of the film Suicide Squad.  So, obviously, we need to talk a little Batman.  I’ve always been in frightened awe of the horror, emotional pain, and boundless brutality of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s 1988 graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke.  I think it’s unique in literature for both it’s examination of evil and the deeply disturbing depths to which it takes the reader.  After seeing the film last night I knew I had to write about it…but I’ve already written a piece I’m proud of on The Killing Joke for Just Dread-Full.  I’ve nothing brilliant or necessary to add with a new post so this post is sort of a cheat.  Here’s the link to my original piece on The Killing Joke.  If you haven’t read it yet (and are up for some unsettling thoughts about the nature of evil and the Clown Prince of Crime) please click the link and give it a read!

3 thoughts on “The Killing Joke: The Horror Genre’s Greatest Unclaimed Masterpiece

    1. I couldn’t agree more. When evil comes we often don’t recognize it or we try and explain it away/justify it. Being aware of what we’re actively and passively participating is soooo important lest we add to the darkness.


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