What scares us? My First Fright – Ghostbusters II

There’s no post on My Comic Relief today because I’ve written a piece for Just Dread-Full’s fun new series – What Scares Us? My First Fright.  The series explores early memories of being scared and looks into what we’re afraid of.  For me there’s no scarier memory than going to see Ghostbusters II in 1989 when I was just six years old.  IT TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT!  Frightful reflections aside, I really had a lot of fun writing this piece and, given  the fact that the new Ghostbusters comes out this week AND I’ve done a lot of writing about the Ghostbusters on this site, it seemed timely to contribute this piece for Kalie.  So if you’re interested in taking a fun little trip down memory lane with me and seeing what left little six year old Michael shaking in his seat, please click here.  You’ll also get to read about how I made Mom take us out of the theatre and how I’ve unexpectedly come to enjoy this film as an adult (although it took me over twenty-five years to watch it again).

2 thoughts on “What scares us? My First Fright – Ghostbusters II

  1. What a fun read! I would 100% have been terrified if I watched that in the theater. I think that’s why my mom wouldn’t take me. I’m pretty excited about the new one coming out but nothing can beat the original!

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