So…what’s Luke Skywalker been up to??

There’s no new post on My Comic Relief today as I’ve been writing a post for The Imperial Talker about Luke Skywalker!  That’s right, the Luke Skywalker!  I talk about his importance as a mythic hero as well as the questions his activities between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens raise.  There’s discussion of the old Expanded Universe, the new Disney Canon, and all sorts of other awesomely nerdy stuff too.  So if you’re feeling like your day needs a little more Star Wars (and whose doesn’t??) or you’d like to ponder Luke’s role as mythic hero, or even if you’d just like a little of my usual reflective rambling, please head here.  Be warned, there are spoilers for The Force Awakens (which, c’mon, I’m sure you’ve already seen) as well as minor spoilers for the new novel Star Wars: Bloodlines – although nothing major about the novel’s plot is discussed, just asides where Luke’s mentioned.  I also talk about the final issue of last fall’s four issue comic miniseries Star Wars: Shattered Empire.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “So…what’s Luke Skywalker been up to??

  1. Interesting article! I am not too involved in the world of Star Wars. I watch the movies, but that is about it. But you had me intrigued with your analysis of Anakin being a savior and Luke being a redeemer. I had never thought about it like that and now I want to go back and watch them! I also had completely forgotten about the scene with Luke and Yoda that should have played a bigger role in the Force Awakens. I hope they address Luke’s role more in the sequel. I felt the latest movie was trying to establish all these new characters and the next one will try to blend the old with the new a little bettter. Granted, I tend to be an optimist.

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    1. If Star Wars in general -and Luke specifically- teach us anything, it’s to be optimistic! He NEVER gave up on his father. So you’re in good company with your optimism. I’m happy to hear I sparked your interest too :). If you revisit the films, let me know what you think!

      Back in the 70s, before he began writing Star Wars, Lucas read over 50 books on world religions to try and incorporate core theological issues from all the faiths into the films. Exploring those layers are on of my favorite parts of the films.

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