More of My Comic Relief

For those of you who are interested, I’ve made the jump over to now Twitter too  If you’d like more short, random, ramblings from yours truly (all in 140 characters or less!) then you can find my hand Twitter handle, @My_ComicRelief.  Full disclosure, I’m not 100% sure how to fully use Twitter yet.  But I’m having fun learning by doing!  Basically the goal is to help share all the fun I’ve found here in the blogging community with even more people!  And, as Spidey points out above, it’s easier than hugging strangers.  But I kind of hope Twitter ends up being like a fun, internet hug with a bunch of people who love comic books and modern myth-making too!  Only time will tell…

This may end up being a disaster or an aborted attempt at social media-ing.  But I’m hoping it’ll be great!  Heaven help me if I’m getting in over my head :).

Spider-Man Deadpool 3

Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

Here’s hoping this Twitter venture ends up being “verified cool” too!  Anyway, this ends the shameless self-promotion post.  Sorry for kind of wasting your time with a commercial.  But, honestly, I’ve really come to love everyone I’ve met in the blogging world so I wanted you all to be the first to know about my jump into social media.  And if you’re on Twitter and would like me to follow you, let me know where to find you!

But the awkward advertising is (thankfully!) done now.  Stay tuned…another round of Top Five Wednesday is coming up soon.  Yay!


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