Team-Ups, Guest Stars, and Guest Writers

One of the greatest parts of comic books is the superhero team-up.  Right??  As a kid, I loved picking up a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man to find DAREDEVIL on the cover too!  The fact that all these characters live in the same world, often cross paths and work together is one of the medium’s most enduring and exciting experiences.  I think one of the reasons The Fantastic Four was always my favorite team book growing up was because the FF were a family…but the family kept growing!  You had Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben but you also had Spidey, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Ant Man, Storm, Black Panther…and on and on and on!  I loved that idea – one big, ever inclusive vision of family working toward a common goal. 

Guest Writers 8

Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

Well, before I started this blog, I had the fun and good fortune to take part in a few team-ups of my own.  I’ve written for other blogs bouncing around the Internet – most notably the Star Wars blog The Imperial Talker and the horror blog Just-Dreadfull.  It was always so exciting, writing for an audience in that way as well as contributing my thoughts and writing to those blogs.  Jeff and Kalie were so encouraging and those experiences were some of the driving factors that helped lead me to starting my own blog.  I cut my teeth and then I jumped into the deep end of the pool  – and I’ve hardly had more fun with something than I have with blogging and the wonderfully supportive community I now find myself a part of.

Guest Writers 1

Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

The openness and inclusion I’ve found in working with other blogs (as well as the openness and inclusion we find in the Fantastic Four!) is something I want to honor with My Comic Relief.  From time to time, I hope to feature guest writers here too!  I look forward to posting guest pieces from Jeff and Kalie, as they did with my posts on their blogs, and I hope to feature some new voices as well.  There is A LOT to talk about in the world of comic books and modern myths after all.

And, c’mon, who doesn’t love a good team-up?!?

Guest Writers 5

Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

2 thoughts on “Team-Ups, Guest Stars, and Guest Writers

  1. Thats awesome, Ive been contemplating the idea of dueling reviews. Where we could read the same graphic novel and post differing reviews.

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    1. Ooo, I like that. I think that would be a lot of fun! I bet people would enjoy reading that too – to see a variety of thoughts on the same story.


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